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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Does animal cry?

Does animal cry? I knew Russell did yesterday.

I was having my dinner then. I heard my maid screaming ‘Kai Jie, eee, you see Russell got blood’ I was baffled at first. When I saw some red stains on the floor, I thought they were some red dyes or something. It was until I saw the poor little thing shivering with its tail facing down that I knew something was not right. I quickly screen through his legs (first intuition) and found 1 deep cut.

Flashback: Minutes ago, he happily jump on the chair beside me, waiting to fed with some ‘table-food’, apparently he could have steps on some fringe of wood from our wooden chair, I think.

I thought the first thing to do was to stop the bleeding; using moist tissue and applying pressure at the cut and at the same time coaxing him.
‘Good boy, good boy’
The coaxing part obviously seems useless as the poor lad just kept shivering. I immediately COMMAND my maid to rush my sister, who is bathing to come to the scene as she could do the coaxing part better then i do, obviously. It was then when I noticed the poor lad’s teary pupil, I knew he was in pain; I immediately look away from his eyes and concentrate on the ‘stop the bleeding procedure’. [Perhaps I knew subconsciously, I could not have my emotion over me; if I’d look into the lad’s eyes any longer, I could have just cry (geez I admitted that, @__@)].

So the bleeding stop, finally, I knew the next step is to leave him licking the wound, as dog’s saliva is antiseptic or sought. Then my sis came, and cuddles the poor thing.

For me I gave him some potato to distract the pain, and it did, as he munches the food whole-heartedly!

Lesson learn

If you want to have a pet at home, make sure the place is ‘casualty-free’! You are responsible for them, physically and emotionally. Taking about emotionally, I had been ignoring the other dog of mine- Buddy, he’s big, naughty, jumps on you, and I scared of that for some reasons that I cannot bring myself near him, every time I pad him, is through a small gap of the balcony sliding door, once the door open, he will dashed out frantically, chaos the word. This shows how much he want freedom to run around the house like dear Russell, but we can’t as . . .many reasons~

Takre care

PS: New blog layout, better to the eyes i guess.





    By Anonymous shaz, At 11:51 PM  

  • hmmm... did you take out any splinters that might've been left in the wound? and yes, animals do cry... For all their purity and innocence... they feel pain, sadness and grief as well.

    By Anonymous namida, At 1:16 AM  

  • @shaz

    yes we did 'indirectly', and i don think it has had any link with my legs?

    @ namida

    i check, no splinter thank God!

    'purity and innocence'hmmm

    By Blogger kai, At 2:18 PM  

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