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Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I knew I shouldn’t have done it but the temptation is just too overwhelmed for me to control. . .

I finished the paper 35mins earlier when most of the peeps are still busying scribbling on their paper. I checked, twice. Thrice, four times and had the cheek to turn around my head too see who still doing the paper. I was smuggling and in awe of myself deep inside. Experience tells that whenever this feeling comes, something bad sure going happen, which is why I always try to avoid this kind of feeling. It was when I was about to hand up the paper; I noticed I had forgotten some conversion thingy.

And so the temptation comes to change answer.

I decided to change it, and the teacher in charge happens to see it and circle my paper as if indicating a zero mark or something! I was like @_____________@ |||

So a deduction of 3 marks might becomes a deduction of 8 marks for the question or 20 marks for the whole paper, which may equivalent to 5% of the final paper?

So people don’t give in to temptation like I did! SAD!
Bottom line: Kai lacks integrity! Haiz

Take care

YUI photos (digital film) fresh flown from Japan is under my arms now!!!! And a magazine with her photo! zillionest thx to uncle =]

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  • ahhaa.. i kena caught too! but luckily, he didn't come up to give me a big fat circle like yours.. I forgot the conversion part too.. =.=" unlike when I was checking answers with Jeremy.. LOL! thanks jer and shaun.

    By Blogger Ruben, At 2:40 AM  

  • too bad for me lor =/

    By Blogger kai, At 6:46 PM  

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