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Saturday, February 16, 2008


'When you do what’s right and get slapped in the face, turn the other cheek (but get out of arm’s reach of the slapped as quick as you can after that).'

Times/money spend on defending yourselves can be channeled into more meaningful things like, those time with love ones and stuff.

'Being a peacemaker, refusing to fight or be antagonistic regarding whatever isn’t going our way, will gradually give you the advantage. So step back and consider other approaches and resources.'

Backing off isn’t a coward act, is a wise act. Having said so, at extreme wits/cases, one really had to stand out!

Statement like these is always easier to say then to practice.

Takre care

'....' quotes from some book
recently was so obsessed with this 2 kranji '桜' & '恋', came across them in some jap song. They just look so cool and interesting, k I know that's weird @___@

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  • But sometimes, a man has to do what a man has to do. You can't expect a man with pride to walk away quietly and unjustly once his honor has been trampled upon, do you? And besides, it does nothing but to prove to the other party that he/she is the superior one... Words do not always reach the heart of the other, kai-kun, and in times like that, it will be required to use more... forceful... means to drive in understanding, or at least, subservience and submission into the other party. Peace is more often than not, a hopeless ideal. Moreover, in the heat of conflict, it is inevitable that people start ripping each other's throat's out. It's only natural.

    By Anonymous idealism, At 1:00 PM  

  • i always come up with ideal principle when u always bump in with reality.

    forcing may just drive them into a corner that they may just turn back at you ( you're clear of it yourself i guess).

    yea forceful to drive in something 'understanding', that 'understanding' relative to you or the others? is it because you cant simply generalize every one to your own state of 'understanding'? that you'd no choice but to force?

    peace as ideal as it seems, but e very least, the drive to pursue, stupid it seems may perhaps become a hope, i wouldn't have to agree to pair 'peace' with 'hopeless', yea know?

    it is UNNATURAL people reap each other throat. have you asked yourself the source? Conflict? source of conflict? if peace just permits in it then it is not inevitable anymore

    having said that, its always easier to say then to be done, so yea bla bla

    By Blogger kai, At 2:40 PM  

  • I ask this of you, can you truly, definitely say that you can understand what someone else is thinking or feeling? Sure, you may have been in a similar situation, but you are NOT them, you are not in their shoes and they are an entirely different person. Isn't it unfair to them to say 'oh, i've been through this and i'm alright, so they'll be alright too'? To impose yourself onto them just like that, to force this mold onto them so you can justify the actions, reactions, means and ways that arise from the situation? We will never ever be able to fully understand what another is going through. We can only perceive, and try to fit our understanding around the situation, and that's why one will never be able to fully understand another.

    It is precisely that we are all individuals that true peace can never be achieved. To have everyone subscribe to a single line of thought, a single list of beliefs and to share the same view, is simply and utterly impossible. We all have our different views, opinions, and beliefs. And when these clash, when they cease being able to coexist, conflicts are born. One could almost say it is a natural way of things. The natural state of the universe is not one of order, but chaos. So long as individuals of a different mind, who cannot understand one another, who cannot accept one another exist, peace will never prevail.

    All that is born from this semblance of 'peace' are compromises, 'next best solutions' that appear 'fair and just' and that all parties are 'happy' to accept. But is that truly so? In society, there exists a hierarchy, a pecking order, or whatever have you. It is the strong that dictate the rules of the weak, it is the strong whose beliefs and goals and ideals will transcend the test of time. And it is the weak who will be be swept up by the waves and buried forever in the sands of time. This model is itself apparent in nature as well, where the strong dominate the weak. 'Civilization' is no different. And that is the reality you must face.

    There is never an absolute 'win-win' situation. One will always 'win' more than another.

    By Anonymous blind hopes, At 4:37 PM  

  • tt length of words just left me @___@

    watever the case is, each individual had their own set of beliefs, i believe in mine, tts no need for debate.

    so its the different in beliefs that peace cant prevail? then how in the world between you and me with absolute different mentality be at peace? comes acceptance. again how often does each individual accept each other?

    I don't know, we just had to learn it some way.

    Then u may said 'so I had to accept a rapist, a killer as who they are?' Yea, provided they changed. Its obvious that those acts are wrong~

    By Blogger kai, At 5:38 PM  

  • It goes without saying that we believe in our own beliefs... Mankind simply cannot go on without believing in something... But how often are you able to live out your beliefs? How often do you have to bite your tongue, 'turn the other cheek', when they're trampled on? Surely you will stand up for them when placed in a situation where what you hold as true and sacred desecrated and threatened. Unless you're the jellyfish that I doubt you are, you wouldn't give in without a fight, would you? And thus we fight for what we believe in. Conflict arises, and force is utilized. Words can only go so far, Kai-kun... without the strength to back them, more oft than not, words are useless.

    It is true that we both accept one another, but we've not always been at peace. We had a few big fights in our time, remember? Or have all those sad times simply vanished from your memories ever so conveniently as with everything unpleasant to you? You cannot go on living in a bubble kai, but i digress. 'Acceptance' is exactly what leads to a 'semblance of peace'. We choose not to be affected by one another's faults and even come to take them as normal, we compromise, we care for one another, but there are times, and there is always a chance that a big conflict will tear us apart. The bonds between people are like thin and fragile paths... If you don't put enough effort into them, you will lose sight of them.

    You may accept them, but not everyone will. Everyone is different and individual. And this is exactly why things such as war occur. The masses subscribe to a different opinion and view that they term as 'just and right', and are more often than not, unwilling to sway or compromise. It becomes the absolute truth to them and all that dare threaten this truth are put in their place. That's why, the thoughts of one can only do so much... You'll merely end up being swept and buried by the masses in the end... In the evergoing conflict that arises from the tumultuous sea of thoughts and feelings.

    By Anonymous false beliefs, At 7:00 PM  

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