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Saturday, February 02, 2008


Right this is so absurd!

I was in the middle of PS, when this guy appeared in front of me and asked
“Do you speak Chinese?’
‘We are talent scout team’
‘My pal and I notice you from afar’
‘We arrange an interview for you’
‘Here our name card’ (some uanworld thingy)
That looks like this-

Do tell you the truth I was like ‘Woot’, I’m spotted on! That spurt of ‘woot-ness’ made me lose my calmness/judgmental skills that I simply left my number.

It was then I thought, with the abundant of valleys on my face that ants will deem it as some bottomless pit and the wide bridge across my nose be spotted on? Top up with a nerdy-toot in throng of hunks and babes around be spotted? The more I think the more weird it seems. I concluded:

1) Probably their boss was doing a spot check on them, that he randomly approached the person nearest to him.

2) Boss testing the efficiency of his talent scout to successfully getting contacts.

3) Some sought of ‘I dare you’ prank by his pals to ask people around for contacts.

4) They are really so desperate in need of people that anyone seems good enough.

5) Potential ‘con’ asking victim to go for photo-shoot for portfolio then cash-in before saying ‘we don’t need you’ (watch enough dramas and you get the idea)

Well anyway, it good to be deluded sometimes~

Lastly hilarious video to share: It’s a wonder that the editor able to make the Indian language to sound as if it were English! I bet some Indian will not even get the original meaning of the video by looking at the subbing! you weren't get e idea in e first few seconds until he started to shrug his shoulder- and the LOL begins!

Indian Thriller with non-literal English Lyrics! ( WATCH IT AND HAVE A GD LAUGH)

it'll get more and more hilarious as u watch it!

Take care
Ticket by Ai Otsuka. This song is pretty up-lifting and catchy, that you simply cant resisting beating to its beat! And is not overly-cheesy like her other up-beat songs.




    ... Kai-kun as a star? Hmmm... NO, I FIRMLY OBJECT. Kai-kun is MINE and MINE alone! Not to be made to prance around on TV like some loose person... no, no... the very thought of it gives me shivers...

    Sigh... but to be so swift as to give your hp number like that... I'd be rather concerned if I were your parent, you know... -_- You know the recent article where like so many little children were so eager to follow a newspaper reporter who offered them candy and willingly told her where they lived, house number, and were even willing to follow her to secluded areas just because she seemed like a nice lady with candy? man, careful, kai-kun.... the outside world isn't as pure and good as you think it is...

    By Anonymous トリックされる, At 8:53 PM  

  • @ literally the trick done (thx to babelfish if nt i'll had no idea what ur nick means)

    more-ever then not, i wont be expecting out from it. . .
    'little children eh?'
    well anyway as i was saying i was right over the 'woot-ness' that i lost my cow senses~ and more-ever i wont be so dumb as in giving my address and stuffs.

    By Blogger kai, At 8:42 AM  

  • Becareful.. this トリックされる told me he prefer cute guys to cool guys.. lol that "Kai-kun is MINE and MINE alone" really leads people to think more eh?

    By Anonymous Calvin, At 4:41 PM  

  • Awww... Calvin-san feels left out... perhaps he needs a little loving? But then again, I do think he's quite content with his bf... ohohoho

    By Anonymous amour et paix!, At 7:06 PM  

  • both u guys are giving ppls e wrong ideas!

    By Blogger kai, At 7:22 PM  

  • Lool.. i also gotten a msg on friendster from some talent agency.. ~_~
    did you checked the company web or something? mine, has only 3 "star" n i only recognize 1 of them. and i dun like her. hahaha

    By Anonymous zai, At 11:26 AM  

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