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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Manipulation- management

‘We are done it. We started doing it when we were infants, to get attention, food, changed, or a toy. Some of us used it later in faking sick, whimpering, whining, bullying-anything to get things done our way. Waitress learn to get better tips by wearing black lace bloomers and bending just right; vacuum salesmen learn how to exaggerate dirt and pickup power and the ease of payments. Others use charm, payoffs, gifts, etc,. to swing or manage a situation to their advantage.’

‘Manipulation often works well at first, but its always short-lived and the bank account it builds never offsets the character it robs from you and others.’

‘Manipulation may seem easier than cooperation or coordination, but folks, don’t press your luck. People hate to be manipulated. Sure they’re fooled for a while, but they’ll see the truth someday and it will be a bad day for you when someone, a close friend or a loved on, finds out you were playing them along for some kind of gain. Flatter and faked affections all read clearly at the end, and the manipulation management (and its operators) is doomed.’

‘Aren’t we all sick of politics in world and in business? So by all means, let’s not bring it into our home, yard, and playground, our interaction with neighbors and friends. Manipulation is an art, and doing it well consumes a great deal of time and energy, whereas doing things in the open and honestly, up front, is a hundred times easier in the end. Plus our spouses, neighbors, and friends won’t find out later that they’ve been manipulated, and hate us.’

If you force it, I’ll break.

Abstract from some book
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  • 'Never offsets the character it robs from you and others'? Hah, I never had much of one to begin with... And those that I manipulate are more often than not those that O wish to inflict a certain desirable amount of anguish upon...

    'People hate to be manipulated'? Oh, I can assure you, I know how it feels. And not everything 'reads clearly at the end'... not when you're smarter than whoever the strings you're pulling belongs to anyways.

    And yes, it is sickening and disgusting and cruel and dastardly how political the world is, but what can one do? All's fair in love and war, and we do what we must to survive. Victory does not go to the upright and virtuous, no... It goes to those that corrupt, those that have power and use it, and those that are willing to set their feelings aside and crush every boundary and use every stepping stone that they chance upon. That is what must be done to survive out there. To hurt and be hurt. That's what it means to be human.

    But... to those i care deeply about, and those that i love... I wouldn't mind one bit to be manipulated by them, for i live for them alone.

    By Blogger Kurier der Verzweiflung, At 12:30 PM  

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