桜 & 恋

Thursday, February 28, 2008


And yesterday was officially the last day of school. The class gathered at Fish & Co. I was like so emo throughout the night.

Ruben was asking ‘everyone so high, why you so off like that?’

Perhaps I was really tired or I don’t like the idea of parting. Mr Teong was like literally hugging everyone, was like so sweet, then comes my turn, i just felt weird, LOL @__@

As we left the place, along the way I was singing/humming ‘Auld Lang Syne’, no people chipped in so I stop, LOL -,- wrong song?

Anyway just yesterday received another mail from youtube stating i violated some copyright law, and so my 3rd video was removed. Yea recently Sony Corp had been doing some sweeping @__@, just a matter of time before they removed all of them

A new start (whatever it means)

Takre care
桜 & 恋
Waiting for u guys to send me the photos =]

Found this lovely song few days ago on youtube. For those w/o the background, this song was written in remembrance of Eric's late son. Some music critic even made comments like 'Oh Eric Clapton made loads of money from his son's death' and i was like #%#^%#^$%^#%$@#^

Randomly i felt like watching old school disney; Lion king and such =] wher can i watch it? only manage to catch some of the soundtrack from youtube. Do you guys know Elton John 'Can You Feel the love tonight' was used in Lion King?

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  • Actually, i think you're forming that buffer wall around you so you won't feel the sadness of parting... Sort of like, distancing everyone now so in the end it becomes very very numb...

    And well DUH, nobody would sing along with you for auld lang syne... lol

    By Anonymous as the waves ebb and flow..., At 2:06 PM  

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