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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Dan Dan Kokoro Hikareteku

Dan Dan Kokoro Hikareteku

This song is sure a classic for those Anime fan outta there! It the theme song used in Dragon Ball GT!!! I'd heard it pretty lots of time as I had the song in my play list (by FIELD OF VIEW, [weird name]) but it was just minutes ago that I realize that the original lyricist was none other than ZARD! It was then I found her rendition of the song! I was so exuberant, high for some reasons~

To be honest I’d initially thought the song was some ‘Friendship related and stuff’, ‘Some fighting element in it’- I mean it was used in Dragon Ball after all. How wrong I was, when I checked up the lyric translation! It’s a love song~ =]

Lyric Translated

Bit by bit My heart is charmed
With that dazzling smile
Let's flee from the endless darkness Hold my hand
You see, when I met you
I remembered the view which I had treasured when I was a child
Won't you dance with me
It's a winding road of light and shadows Even now, you're dreaming of him?
There are times when it seemed like I wanted to turn back but
Holding love, courage, and pride, I shall fight
Bit by Bit My heart is charmed
A piece of hope in this world
Anyone surely wants to have eternity in his hands
Even if you pretend not to mind at all
Hey I love you
Let's flee from the endless darkness Hold your hand
I also like you, even with that face, tired from anger
I wonder if it's all right to live such a life, being blown away
As for me... I'm just spun around by casual gestures Sea Side Blue
Or are you still dreaming of him
I had something more I wish to ask but
Our conversation just goes on like the sound of car wheels dancing around
Bit by Bit My heart is charmed
It's amazing even to myself but
Something is there I suddenly feel like calling you
Even if you pretend not to mind at all
In the end all I see is you
Let's flee towards the sea Hold my hand

takre care
桜 & 恋

Sakai Izumi better known as ZARD has since left for Heaven but will always be remembered by her fans!

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