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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Tunning back

This New Year harvest wasn’t as good as the previous. House visiting seems like a routine, like a must and thus is like ‘visiting for the sake of visiting’. It’s no wonder some of my relatives are adopting the alternative of ‘Bi Nian’ or literally translated as ‘shunning new year’ by going oversea- saving those Hong Bao for trips seems more worthwhile?

I remembered I played like a little kid with my cousin during one of those visits. We found a sponge ball at a playground and played poison ball with it. I was like 19 and the youngest was like 14? Do think I actually thought those kids were childish when I saw them running round the playground before I ‘enter the playground’. Without realizing I was one of those crazy bunch minutes later. When I went back to the house with sweat all over my ‘collar shirt-those you wear for project presentation’, all my relatives/cousins were starring at me with baffled-disbelief-goldfish eyes; that I just smile stupidly/awkwardly and back away! LOL! Yea I was running with a formal wear, -,-!!!!!! tooot

Sometime it’s good to wind back in times and behaves like kids. Trust me that feeling is really good

Take care

Finally finished watching the SP episode of Nodame Cantabile! It continues from where the drama had left behind- the duo life in Paris, thanks to Nodame’s hypnosis.

Who is this Nodame? She’s an undoubtedly-uberly-musically-talented-species that play piano by ear, which is playing without deciphering the notes first. She enjoys playing music her own way and play whichever way she likes, neglecting the origin of the piece. Her room is pinkish-ly decorated, with many Purita figurine and stuffs. She can never bathe for days. Her love for Chikai started with a belt and began clinging on him since then. If you hate her, you will refer her as ‘Hentai’, but if you like her like I/many did, you found her cute! Sometime there 1 fine line between weirdo and kawaii

Chikai? Neh, can’t be bothered. @__@

I guess this time round the drama bring across a very important message to music student; that is ‘analyze’. Playing a piece well, one had to understand the history behind it, the composer’s feeling, the surrounding and stuffs. Without grasping the gist of it, one will not be able to play it the way it should be. Now I know why one of my friends is so into music history! @__@

I was really looking forward to Chikai’s piano concerto with Nodame playing the piano, but sadly the show just ended with Chikai conducting some Brahma piece, the one he first conducted with S-OKE. For those who didn’t watch the drama, anime or read the comic will know nuts of what I’m blabbering.

The drama end with implicating Chikai's entering the 'Hentai Forest', where Nodame and her weirdo reside.

going for some racing game b4 slp!!!

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  • Yeah, it always feels good to be a kid again... I mean... you look down on those sorta stuff as 'childish' or 'meh, i've outgrown it'... but when you get wrapped up in it... It's like... 'So this is what it's like to be young again...' XD

    someone seems to have a crush on nodame... hehehe...

    By Anonymous 子供のように, At 11:12 PM  

  • yea, this how it feels like to be young again~

    U '子供のように '?-yea in a way or 2; jux put in English la, safe me the trouble going to translate it in babel fish. . . zzz

    she such a hug-gable character, no surprise, though goosebumps from times to time

    By Blogger kai, At 10:59 AM  

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