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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My day spend on medical checkup

My whole morning and half an afternoon was spend in this pre-enlistment medical check up! Nothing was amusing except for a couple of stuffs.

That this 5 suction pores, meant to attach to your body for some heartbeat analysis with 4 crocodile clippers clipping on both my feet and wrist. The whole picture made me think of another ‘potential Frankenstein’! And so the Doc. attached these suctions on my body, and I can’t help but giggle cuz is so darn itchy la! I was only able to control my laughter after the 3rd suction was in position. Thinking back, guess I’m the only 1 laughing -,-

Then there this urine test! One that is utterly.. uhhhh! The guys are supposed to take their aim on this 5mm in diameter pH paper, any miscue; leave that to your imagination. (Russell leap on my laps and try to position himself when he lost his grip and fell, luckily I hold on to him, evil me was laughing LOL)… As I was saying, the urine test, after the pH paper was smeared with the urine, we had to literally take the paper out of the toilet into the air conditioned room and flash it in front of the Doc. before dumping it into an uncovered dustbin. The next thing you know is the urine evaporating~ @_@

The blood test! Don’t know why this uncle kept taking about ghost la, what ask for 4 digit numbers, what joss sticks and what this place is haunted la, blab la. As he was poking the needle into my vein; he was laughing as he was doing it, and that made me uncomfortable I tell you! Worst of all, he paste the plaster at the un-poke side, and I was telling him ‘Eh, you paste wrong lioa’. Guess what he replied? ‘Aiya must be the ghost la!’ @__@

Other check-up is pretty routine and nothing out of the blue~

Take care

Baka on my stupid, nonsensical electronic message yesterday night. They say mind over body, sometime it’s the other way round. gome-ne

** Ignore, Ignore, focus**


  • Kai kun!!! Not only u.. but i experienced funny tingling sensations when the MEDIC placed the suctions on my body... And the urine test part... I hate the MEDIC.. So arrogant... Blood test is cool.. :)

    By Anonymous shaz, At 10:41 PM  

  • @ shaz

    @______@ agree the MEDIC (since when i promote them to DOC.?, yea is kind of arrogant, maybe he just pissed off when assigned to this job of witnessing thousand of urine samples!

    By Blogger kai, At 10:20 AM  

  • ahahah.. the urine thing is totally strange!

    anyhoo.. that fellow quite okay lar.. i guess he's just trying to find a distraction for us lar. if not, another fellow just might puke again. LOL! damn.. i took uber long in there lar... thanks to the fellow who lost my damn name stickers... zzz..

    By Blogger Ruben, At 11:32 PM  

  • @ruben

    yea i know, but the more he laugh, the more uncomfortable i felt, i rather he be stern and serious @__@ e stickers? maybe u drop them in the toilet bowl when doing the urine test

    By Blogger kai, At 10:30 AM  

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