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Sunday, December 30, 2007


Before I go into reviewing Vexille, I’ll start off by saying that I was darn surprised by the crowd this animated-movie had drawn judging by the sales of tickets; that in the end the 3 of us didn’t got to sit in a row but disperse throughout the theatre (what’s left are all crappy seats in the extreme corner! *^%*&^%, but it was all alright after all!)

Spoilers ahead

In the future, humanity right faced challenged from robotic technology; when Daiwa Heavy Industries (Japan), the world’s leading supplier of such technology decide to infuse robotic elements into human body to artificially create an android. ‘Worried that such technology may allow for the weaponization of the human body itself if not the subversion of the human spirit itself the UN passes a resolution declaring the use of android technology forbidden, a resolution signed in to international treaty law by all member states except one-Japan’. Instead, Japan opts to withdraw and isolate herself from members of UN with installed electronic barrier that disrupt all form of electronic or satellite surveillance.

Without ‘outsiders’ interference’, Daiwa begun a series of experiments on their fellow Japanese Folks (entire race to be exact) in order to attain the best formula of formulating an android. They started by spreading an unknown virus to the entire population and called for an immunization to ward off the disease. The entire population was given the ‘vaccine’ without realizing that the so-called vaccine contains micro-metallic elements that will slowly replace all their leaving cells, and it’s only a matter of time before they became an android. The results vary from different people, some mange to retain parts of their humanity self while others became an incomplete android (a paralyzed robot I called it; imaging a robot without the upper body and stuff). It takes 10 years for them to come out with the perfect android formulation, by then there are no sign of human inhabitants in Japan, just some incomplete android roaming the street with majority becoming the deformed androids and left dispose in the Jags– ‘A huge, spiral vortexes of voracious, partially sentient scrap metal made up of failed android experiments that resemble nothing so much as the sand worms’. And so, Daiwa next target is to bring this formulation into US and create the vast into android, this time round a perfect android swam!

In the midst of this ominous scheme, raise 2 opposing teams, one leads by Maria, a half-android herself and the other by Leoan member of S.W.O.R.D on their quest against time to save mankind! Where Vexille? (Later)

My comments

Definitely one of those top notch visual effects to date! The life-like features, down from the flow of hairs, facial expression to body gestures are all so vivid. It’s really a sight when the androids are more vibrant as compare to real-human society. Those half-androids treasure every aspects of life down to eating an apple when eating is no longer a necessity. The whole community is so filled with life when comparing to present day society as depicted in the animation. Perhaps they knew that at any moments their body will be totally consumed by metallic components, that they treasure their life or are they simply living in a delusion, to act happy in moment of a time-bomb tragedy?

Where/Why/Who Vexille? She is just another member of S.W.O.R.D. I agree with a review I read over the net that she don’t deserved to be the lead character, least to mentioned the movie was named after her. Instead, Maria, the half-android deserves more credits then her, considering her role in the movie and the sacrificing later in the movie.

Mel the guru as usual answered the question on how the Jags are formed. We are know that they are remnants of failed android experiments, but why and how they combine together to form vortex? He answered intelligently ‘its human instinct to come together to survive.’ The other 2 of us were like “Bingo!’-sense of enlightenment!

There nothing much to complained about the show other then the atrocious pop music that was sync with the movie. Totally irritating! It’s the first time I felt music does not tie well with a movie!

Best moment

All those who’d watch will agree with me that the closing chase sequence featuring Maria and Vexille luring the Jags into the main base of Daiwa is the best scene!

Storyline: 3/5

It didn’t really touch on deep themes, but just some easily graspable understandable themes of human right, friendship, sacrifice and love perhaps


Perfect, needless to say

Music: 1/5

Overall, the spectacular eye candy, especially the closing chase sequence that gives you the adrenaline rush worth your time, but when the story ends, it was like ‘… that’s it?’ The process was satisfying but when ended, my mind was totally blank. Perhaps the stunning visual effects had consumed much of my brain saps.

With that
Takre care



  • hehe, well... at least we got to watch it, didn't we? ^_^

    hmmm... to me, the citizens of japan, already resigned to their fate, lessened the impact of such a revelation by immersing themselves in the days gone by, a dream by which they escape from their harsh reality... sad, and pitiful, but that's how we move on and adapt... by pretending everything's still alright and covering everything up with lies...

    The movie and events in itself, are a possibility, and do indeed touch on the possible paths humanity might take to achieve 'perfection', regardless of the cost... but even the android slave to the mastermind... upon finding out the head scientist had used even him as a guinea pig... he too proved that he was human as well when he turned on him in rage and started choking him.

    It wasn't that bad... but i prefer more touchy-feely stuff really... those that touch the heart and make you feel deep emotions... ^_^

    By Anonymous leon, At 6:00 PM  

  • O_O

    as usual from the point of view of guru-


    By Blogger kai, At 9:50 AM  

  • Hello☆
    I like Vexille!!!
    Did you use the image of the movie ""Vexille"" and know AMV which VJ and others made?
    very cool site☆
    Thank you

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 2:49 PM  

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