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Saturday, December 08, 2007


Was watching YUI –Thank You My teens Live DVD- over YOUTUBE just now and cant help but sing along @__@. Can’t help but ponder how time had indeed molded her from a stage-fright performer to a rocker on stage. Time had indeed passed so fast since Dec24th 2006 (when I first came to know her), and I don’t usually remember dates; to be honest I’d only 4 other peoples b’dae date to date (excluding those that shared the same as mine), yea that pathetic I know @__@

Talking about singing; I remember I’d always been singing back in secondary school days; in class, is like I’m so ignorant at how bad I did sang and just continue singing, till in sec3 someone (cant remember who) told me I sounded awful, that I stopped, that is only in public, back home or toilet I still sings my lungs out @__@ Back then was Backstreet Boys- shape of my heart, show me the meaning of being lonely, larger then life, and 1 other song Only love by trademark. Nowadays, is more of YUI’s and MLTR song~ which obviously sounded worse with my articulation,@__@. Seriously, I didn’t know how awfully I sounded till I recorded my own voice, and played it, then I was like ‘That’s me?, WTH’. I was not convince that that’s me and had always been blaming the recording device since then, as it just dont sound like me.

Some interesting pictures


This was bought in MENSA bout month back. I ordered plate of MEE GORANG, and the uncle asked
‘You want prataya’.
I was like ‘Huh, a prata’ and asked ‘what that’?
‘Some egg’
When the food was served; I was totally astonished at the size of the egg, but only realize later that it’s pretty a thin slice. Look good but taste is like blend, #_#

SOME DOODLING while waiting for experiment to run

Some of my friend even said that this creature never escape from my paper! For some reason I just like/love to draw this thingy named-CRUBO, man I had so many version of it.

Had no idea why i drew this, look weird @__@

It was only later that realized that i had to hand in this paper to teacher and i'd drew them in pen, and my friends were like LOL

Was walking back home, when I saw torn paper gliding down from the sky. I t was only when I arrow my eyes to where the source was that I saw someone dumping books and paper through the balcony. And yea these were the books being dump down- they were some Primary science text book. That was during post-PSLE period, perhaps the kids got so excited that she just dump it down or? Curious I just take a snap of it when a girl whom I presumed to be the sister came and collect the books and she was like starring at me that I quickly just dashed off, and do think we took the same lift later @__@

99 cent per plate explains the number of plates of shushi

with that

YEt another Lonely December, will it not be?


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