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Friday, December 14, 2007

Slam Dunk!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Ooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Shit!!! It was Prince of Tennis: the national championship and now Slam Dunk! Watching Slam Dunk as if bring me back ten years ago when I never failed to catch it on every Saturday afternoon at about 1330, the theme song, the ever arrogant Hanamichi Sakuragi, of which I know him as ‘Hin Mu Wa Tao’ in kranji and his bunch of idiots kaki. Back then when Chinese dubbing was used, so yea it was only today randomly when I watched it online then realized oh he is ‘Hanamichi Sakuragi’( just so not used to it) . I didn’t finish the whole series then as they stop broadcasting after 40+ episodes. Do think it actually accumulated to 100 odds episodes now.

Perhaps not randomly that I watched it out of the blue; cuz I realized that one of the theme song was by ZARD so yea, from ZARD’s webpage to Slam Dunk Webpage, and I was like its Slam Dunk, and was like darn I had to watch. Did I said Dragon Ball DT’s opening is by ZARD too? Memories back again on those Super Saint thingy~

Help, I don’t wana cooped at home during holiday just to watch anime, and became an ota-ku! @________________@ (think I going to watch the first few episodes on how the team was formed then straight jump to the national championship! LOL)or wait maybe i simply goes to animenewsnetwork to get a list of the anime tittle and from there jump to whichever important matches!. For some reasons sport related anime is getting onto me.. hmmm.

Crappy random post! Back to Slam Dunk! Gosssh-

even if you can dunk, the basics are still important~
-that the main theme i guess-
Take care


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