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Friday, December 14, 2007

language no longer a barrier~

Great music is original, sincere, touching. There no far-fetch made-up, no flowery backup, nothing but something simple enough to touch you. Above all, it is when language is no longer a barrier, when understanding the lyric is sometime no longer important, as you can feel it, be it is sad or happy. Here are some J-Pop artistes that I held in awe and respect! And I believe live concert is best to depict all these. ( I’ll will be writing on one of my favorite topic-J-pop and I know most peeps who came here don’t really gave a darn damm on J-pop so just alt+F4)

This elegance lady, Izumi one of the most respectable women in world of J-pop had passed away sometime in May this year, which I had mentioned in my blog some time back. Everyone was talking about it, I was like ‘Who she is?’, so being curious, I just downloaded her ‘Best collection’ and listen (you know I want to be involved when comes to J-pop). Much to my disappointment THAT TIME, it sounded so oldie and boring, listening to them for two days is enough to leave them in Forbidden City!
BUT, having said that: just so recently my play list of 2000 songs just so happen to play ‘Makenaide’. I was totally stunned by the music (in a good way). That feeling was indescribable, it just get me off my seat, and brings me to think ZARD rocks! And so I begin to listen to them, and magically it somehow release my tension during my term test week, there something about her vocal! I going to replace ZONE, Do as infinity and High&MC songs with hers in my mp3 man, sometime later!

It no wonder one commented ‘ZARD is what all musicians should inspire to become, she was all about her music and did not rely on her beauty to sell songs. In a world filled with fabricated images and pop sensations, Izumi-san was and remains forevermore a true musician!’

YUI, needless to say, she will be in my list! =/ though she doing more pop songs these days (market demand), but it was her ballad songs that draws me to her. Here is one of those ballad songs that will definitely touch your heart-Tokyo, a song she wrote when she left her hometown to Tokyo to pursue her music career. This was taken from one of her latest concert tour. Whoever you are held no biases to other language as she’d truly cross that barrier to your heart. I meant it! A great musician to me is also someone who is ‘self-sufficient’, that is someone who penned down your own lyric, someone who arrange your own music, someone who can sing and yet provide the background music, and someone who can touch your heart. And YUI had done it all! BTW she ended the concert perfectly with this song! =]

Lastly Garnet Crow, the uber underrated band in J-pop. This band is another 1 of those ‘self-sufficient’ of which ALL band should be! The lead singer Yuri is blessed with this unique vocal that really made the group stand up from the rest. Most of their songs lyric are pretty poetic under the hand of Nana, their keyboardist and lyricist. E.g this song
Kimi to iu Hikari- The Light that is You, one of the lyric wrote:
Let's be carried away by the gently lapping waves of the wide sea
See, there's nothing more I want.
I was like ahh-ahh. The moment when the background vocals go ‘La-La-... yura yura...’ or la-l, drifting drifting is so magical!

Stand back people, take ur hats off and held in awe. (k that abit exaggerating -.-)

Kai take care
lonely December


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