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Saturday, December 01, 2007

5 cm per second, that enough to drift people apart

The movie was screen in conjunction with the “Animation Nation 2007’.

Theme song

The animated movie is named 5 Centimeters Per Second at which cherry blossom petals fall, petals being a metaphorical representation of humans, reminiscent of the slowness of life and how people often start together but slowly drift into their separate ways.

Initially I can’t relate to the show, until the Guru-Mel fixed the little puzzles here and there to fix my puzzle-ness.

It kind of sad to see how Takai and Akari starts off as close friends blooming to love but ceased out due to ‘distant and being hesitant’. Sometime in life when 1 lack the initiative to keep in contact, closet friends may just drifted away like that. Sadly I’m one of them. Hadn’t my close friend takes the extra mile to ask me out, I think same thing may just happen. It does in fact happen though.

Back in primary school, where I’d spend 4 years there, I had this close friend. We did many things together, hopping to each other house every now and then. Soon after I shifted house, I did try to stay contact through writing letters (yea I don’t know what electronic mail was back then). I did receive a reply, its mention ‘My birthday is on XX/XX/XX and ask me to send a present on that day and at the same time asking for my birthday date’. Did I reply back, I can’t really remember though, but I’m sure I didn’t send him anything on that day. I did try to stay contact via phone; I remember I had my longest conversion yet lasted >1.5hrs talking about good old days. That the only time I called and that that. Randomly, back in secondary school day, I did try to call, but the phone was not answer and that that. Pretty soon, swarm by new friends, I soon forgotten about this first ‘best friend’ of mine. It only this show that hits me about this friend of mine and yea thinking back it sad but life goes on. It even sadder when I cant be bother to ring him up even though the tel no still implanted in my brain. Yea life goes on just like that. Things like that made Kai ponder on life but it just goes away soon~

Our loneliness can be filled by friends, but only the people whom we treasure/love can dissipate it.

Take care

Lastly people always had the misconception that anime is for kids and stuff, you may be surprise at how deep the theme of an anime can be. People between age of 20-30 shows up in the theater.

YUI perform at NIPPON BUDOKAN, the grandest place Jap-Artist can perform in Japan! Wish they come up with the DVD version ,want to watch it badly

Wonder if I had the time to review on Hotaru no Hikari~



  • I really am glad you wrote about it, Kai-kun... And that I was able to show you what i wanted you to see. The moment i watched it, i just knew that i had to get you to watch it, as well as understand more about yourself. You are not alone in your guilt, what happened is sure to evoke a response from everyone... For at one point in our life, no, many points in our life... Those that we oft want to keep the closest drift apart almost despite our best and fullest efforts... or perhaps due to our lack of such efforts... You never did seem to show remorse, kai-kun... and to be able to let go of so much, without any response or feedback or sadness... life goes on, yes. But memories, no matter how painful, should be treasured and held on to. And also... you mention about us going the extra mile... but what of you? I scolded you to no end in the past about it... how do you reciprocate what you've recieved? Know the story of Takaki and Akari... And perhaps understand...

    By Anonymous Boku wo wasuranaide kudasai..., At 11:41 PM  

  • i didn't feel, least to show remorseful in the first place, thats the extreme end.

    and i did not mentioned 'us' going extra mile, is just my close pals which include you going the extra miles, and you hits the bullseye 'what of you?'

    perhaps i'm just hesitant like Takaki~

    anyway uploaded the theme song for the movie 'one more time one more chance'

    By Blogger kai, At 10:47 AM  

  • lol i never meant you and i in that 'us'... =p

    By Anonymous ummei no kioku, At 7:27 PM  

  • o0 u watched it? that show is quite slow.. as slow as the train...moves..
    quite melo...i din finish watching it..think it was not bad right

    By Anonymous zw, At 8:16 PM  

  • @zw

    the pace was alright, i was like 'Huh the show ends liao?'

    yup, talk bout slice of life

    By Blogger kai, At 12:00 PM  

  • kai kun... rmbr we chatted about it in the toilet??

    By Anonymous shaz, At 9:42 PM  

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