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Friday, December 07, 2007

Hotaru no Hikari _Glows of Fireflies

Theme song- Yokogao by Aiko

First and foremost, don’t be distracted by the poster as something else, as her pose is easily misinterpreted as something else! @__@

The drama begins by introducing 2 extreme ends women: Hotaru the himono-ona – ‘Dried fish woman’ and Yuuka the Stekki-josei- ‘Admirable woman’. Both seem relatively similar in office, graceful and cheerful, but back home, the similarity is like comparing an apple with an orange. The himono-ona, who preferred to lay at home drinking canned beer in jersey, flipping newspaper with legs, sleeping under newspaper, basically a lady who lack elegancy (that what made her really cute though). On the opposite end, a Stekki-josei spends time efficiently, taking up courses, drinking green tea, an admirable and elegant lady.

And so Hotaru happen to stay under the same roof as her manager, Takano, and is pretty interesting to see how he begin to feel comfortable with Hotaru’s weird behavior over time—I mean she shows all the far-fetched action- e.g. she roll along the floor with her dolphin boaster when she confused, etc (interestingly her manager who seems bewildered at first, did the same things later). I don’t want to go into details, the story goes on, as both un-notice-ly fell for each other. The process is darn fun and cute to watch!

Some quotable quotes and interesting scene

- Her manager not only referred her as ‘Himono-ona’ but also, snake-woman(can’t remember why, but definitely when Hotaru did something ridiculous again) , turtle woman (when she place her hp on her back and crawl towards her manager, as she didn’t dare to read the message from Teshima (whom she fell for initially), and want him to read for her) and the ridiculously Kanoshi-ona ( a faceless monster who appeared in Spirited Away, when she put on a facial mask). Actually, all her ridiculously cute motion is pretty hard to pen down, must really watch yourself to laugh out a hell of yourselves, and at the same time wondering if such interesting woman does exist!

- In the midst of comedy; question ask include retreating your love for your love that 1 even to the extent of being a clown – when Hotaru volunteer to perform the loach dance to entertain the crowds, an ;letting; Yuuka to spend time with Teshima

-‘Treasure yourself for being able to love someone, feelings cannot be understood till spoken’-I was like bla bla

-‘Love is something that cannot achieve with effort’-This is 1 hell true line to a certain extent!

-‘There no perfect answer to love, the answer you came up with is the correct one’- This sounded so poetic, but this the perfect answer when your pals relate their love relationship to you and you had no idea how to replied, use this line, and I did used it, LOL.

Lastly, the theme song Yokogao by aiko, fits into this light-hearted drama pretty well. For some reasons I always fell in love with the theme song of a J-drama~ little side note, Aiko genre, nope more of style of music is pretty unique and sincere.LIke YUI, she penned down her own lyric~ (i always comparing @__@)

Takre care

For some reasons, I felt this is a bad review~ bleh



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