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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

i dont wan a spree like that, but can i stop it?

So it’s yet another of those eve of Christmas spending with kaki-s. It kind of PATHETIC that the four of us to be surrounded by ZOMG?THRONG of couples. Nevertheless, at very least there’s someone, yea?

Tough luck too in trying to grab YUI’s thank you my teen DVD!!! Visited 2 stalls and SOLD OUT so they said! Quite disappointed, but at the same time was like WOW, YUI doing pretty well now in Singapore!!! At this garmaphone, this salesman was saying that they had 1 copy left in centre point branch and had actually booked for me. Collection date- within 3 days. HAHAHAH I POSSESSED THE ONE AND ONLY LEFT in garmaphone!

Come to think of it, eve of Christmas (last year) was actually the day I came to know YUI. I still remembered vividly on that day I was watching Midnight Sun movie with the guys; unknowingly she just struck me like that till now. Many had said ‘AIYA, you fickle minded one la, pretty soon you will forget about this YUI, remember what happen to your song hye gyo?’ but nope nope! Perhaps the heart of lonely guy is easily filled by someone ~ ironically, its someone that I didn’t even dare to dream of meeting! Even ironically its on the day of Christmas eve. @__@ whine whine whine

You will never get hurt when you never gave your heart to someone but you’ll never know the joy of sharing your heart with that special someone.


Will you take 1 step and risk for the better tomorrow?
Or just remain things as it is for fear of the worst?

Take care

If you can’t commit then forget about it, someone told me. @_@
Immerse myself in love songs. BLA

*do think that I didn’t know that today was Christmas eve until I went out with Kaki that they ask me ‘You no programme ah on Christmas eve?’ I was like ‘HUH, today Christmas eve?’ @__@
k now past midnight- MERRY Christmas, BE merryX3

** her little message jux brighten my day like that **
hmmm . . . .

cant find the URL for this song (only have 30secs preview) so yea upload the vid -,-

"Ghost Of You" by MLTR

Summer's ended and without a trace
time goes by - while you remain
Funny how I thougt I walked on through
with my heart in one


Why do I still cry for you
dying to get close to you
Why do I still fear to face
the ghost of you

How I tried to get you of my mind
but you return - all the time
I believed I could just let you go
like the fool I am


Why do I still cry for you
dying to get close to you
Oh baby why do I still fear to face
the ghost of you


I've been trying to release you
to get my feet back on the ground
Still I need my hope to hold on to
even if I know i should back away
It's just a part of me that I can't erase


Why do I still cry for you
dying to get close to you
Why do I still fear to face
the ghost of you


Baby, baby why
Anyway I try I'm still reminded
(the ghost of you)
Anywhere I go I keep coliding with
(the ghost of you)
I've given up I just can't fight it
(the ghost of you)

Everytime I look away I see
the ghost of you


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