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Friday, December 28, 2007

Lists of random stuff

It was past midnight, and I accidentally chance upon the show ‘Love actually’ telecasted on channel 5. I still remembered watching it last year, and if I’m not wrong it stressed that Christmas is the day for all the so-called- Love declaration (is like their last shot before the New Year; if there no say, there no conclusion).
Christmas had long past since then. Maybe before new year? Hmmm

Sprees of random stuffs over the day/s to spurt @T

1) Finally finished the 100+1 episodes of Slam Dunk (with some skipping here and there)! At least the anime never drag on to the Championship and ended where it supposed to; unlike bleach and Naurto that can drag on like no body business! Having said so, if there is a continue sequel, I will definitely catch it, but doubt so; cux is like 10 yrs since the released of last episode.

2) My once ever proud pointed tooth was trimmed!
‘I had to shave that tooth of yours’
‘Is it a must?’
‘Is better to shave it off’
‘Ok, then’
Cux that sharp tooth my mine was kind of a hindrance for my 2 row of teeth to sit in between nicely. That is the price I’d to pay for other then the real price$$ for the braces. Well at least, the neighbor of the victim was spared! (my other sharp tooth was left untouched, and I was like thank God!)

3) Was catching the last few episodes of Witch Yoo Hee telecasted on Channel U. I didn’t really fancy the drama cux is1 of those recycle plot; but still catch it because of who else, the lead actress! The eyeballs of hers as if faced the danger of popping out at any moment! Right other then that fellow (lady), what draw me to the drama was the lovely OST! ‘My love, just come to me’, ‘Destiny’, “What I want to say is’ and the soprano ‘Day by day’. Every time these songs were played, I will like ‘ooooooo’. The feeling of ‘oooooo’ is beyond my ability to neither pen down nor describe. Like many anime and dramas, the songs that were tied to them lost the *Wow* effect when you listen to the soundtrack only. The whole songs only seem to be perfect when sync with the visual effects brought by the anime or dramas, so that’s a sad thing! @_@

4) The arm of mine felt pretty weak after the drawing of blood 2 days ago! I can’t even draw enough strength to clench my fist! These made me hesitate to do pull up and swim for feared that blood will spurt out from the vein that my blood was drawn from! Yea Lol I know! @__@

5) Finally grab whole of YUI “Thank You My Teens’ first Live DVD!!! =] indeed she trying to change her innocent/soulful image to more of rocker kind, with her sudden swinging of hair and screaming here and there, and I was like @____@||| However she did redeemed herself with her last 3 ballad songs, “Good Bye –day’, ‘Tokyo’ and “Thank you my teens’. =]]

6) Sometime I’m just puzzled at my own randomness! Apart from that, my care-free attitude or more like ‘Heck care’ mind-set. I can just cut a friendship like snapping a finger w/o much regret or sought! Forget about listing the examples. . . BUT having said so I do treasure my close friends! (Though I didn’t depict it at times)

7) Looking forward to tomorrow! Vexxile!!! The perfect eye candy anime!

8) Byakuyakou, or midnight sun journey, watched 1 episode yesterday and was totally stun at the fresh plot the drama had, but is a bid morbid though. It all started when Ryoujii stab his own dad to protect Yukiho, and Yujiho staging a suicide for her mother as well as herself to cover the whole murder. Mind you, those 2 are just some 10+ yrs old kiddo! Yukiho especially her, gave you the creep when she could smile over someone death! Then the story goes on, on how this detective suspect the 2 to be the prime suspect but others can’t bring themselves to believe as they were only kids, until. . . Well anyway doubt I gonna continue watching as the special 2hrs episode 1 tells us what going to happen to the cruel, lonely, and pure tale of two spirits. I called it the complicated suspend love! Bleh! Yukiho somehow got her ‘courage’ from the book ‘Gone with the wind’. Kind of interested in the book right now~

9) Write letter

10) Satisfied, since its 10 now!

Take care
Forget about the 200 posts by 2008! @___@

Whats up with that?
Sometime i wish i could style those h-air of mine like that, but cant! the only way is to lay on bed for 1 hr + then ta-da! -.-


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