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Friday, December 21, 2007


Finally I saw some light, not some enlightenment or sought but literally LIGHT! No more gloomy morning with heavy pours and that means finally after days of waiting I’m going to have my swim later the day. Finger crossX2 on ‘It’s going to rain’.

Speaking of rain brings me back on 1 thought. I remembered back then when I prayed things like ‘Pls don’t let it rain’, consciously I will felt guilty as I thought ‘Maybe someone else wanted rain instead for what-so-ever reasons, then isn’t I stopping their wish, provided my prayer was answered?’ then after much thought, I will convinced myself ‘Let nature take its course -,-‘then again if such opposing wishes are made upon by people, wonder how God going to compliment them? Hmmmm @____________@
‘God know, he had the entire wonderful plan for us’ that was all the 10 years series answers I got back then.

Holiday spend thus far? Literally rotting in home in front of com watching the never ending SLAM DUNK. Sometime I just got so frustrated that 1 match can lasted like 10+ episodes and a 10secs moment can be squeezed into 1 episode and all the flashbacks -,- |||| other then that watching the J-drama ‘Queen Classroom’, about this devilish teacher who kept exploiting kids weakness, daggling them like little puppet, maybe a bit exaggerating @_@ these kids are like 6 grader and had to face all the ‘Reality in Life’. Her approached in teaching can be evil as all may said but I say is like a double-edge sword. Guess there be some outing next week.

Take care

Recently I just did a little research, and realize that town of Fukuoka house many famous talented artists like Ayumi, Chage & Aska, Misia, Nobuchika Eri and YUI!!! Another town Okinawa, house Namie Amuro, the band SPEED, misono etc etc.
Maybe one day if I were to step foot on "Land of the Rising Sun", these 2 towns will be the one that I gonna visit @____@, witnessing how the culture there mold those artists @__@. Oh yea YUI, is also a little town located in Japan, and I was like -,-

sometime i just felt so hesitant to leave my site on other people's media blog when leaving a comment, cux its so em brassing to compare what they are writing as to my bunch my bulls~ bababababbaba @___________________________________@, thick-skinned as i am, cont~

4hrs later the day~
guess what the sun was high up, buT the deep pool was being wash when i got there, there means literally no swim for the day @___@

i happen to see 2 women with sunglasses today; yea they do look trendy and cool but somehow, they just gave me the creep, especially those that totally shun your eyeballs. k i know, thats random @___@

next anime to catch in The Picture House - Vexille, i guess is yet another chim chim show after paprika, haiz


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