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Saturday, December 15, 2007


Was browsing through all the seasons/festive cards I'd received over the years, when 1 of them caught my eye. There nothing extraordinary about this card, but its kinda special (only now did I realized, since it was from her), it wrote

‘Don’t be captivated by someone, just be yourself’, then I was like O_O what up with the chim chim stuff and totally ignore it! Now perhaps I get what it meant, perhaps?

Wait come to think of it I’d been on the ‘receiving end’ and had not being on the ‘giving end’. The ratio of cards I’d received to give is like 8:1, meant to say out of 8 cards I received I gave like 1? haiz~

Take care
Seems like I been spamming posts to reach 200 posts by 2008? Currently 173 @__@
w8 i was at #40 episode now of SLAM DUNK showdown between Shoyo and Shohoku! and hours back i was still at #7. seems like the fate of toasting my butt in front of com during holiday is about to commence, infact it had started,


that not how i wana spend my HOLIDAY!

Hanamichi, Hot Dunk! one of those spectacular/ touching momement
episode #46

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