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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Love & truth

WOoo YEpeeeeeeeeeeeee, YUI's new song is out 'Love & Truth', plus the bonus last train (acoustic version). When I chance upon this news, can't describe how excited/exuberant I get. Millions of =]. YUI must be working really hard, releasing single after single! Kamba-te!

Yet to find the translation though, and this song gonna be played over and over again till it get drilled in! So happy now!

How I felt about the song? Perhaps tomorrow then update.

jumping around like mad now but soon quieten down by the the serious/half-sadden melody~

With that
Take care =’

Love & truthreview (just uploaded her 2 new songs to youtube =')

Love & truth by YUI

The opening supporting guitar string is really lovely, other than that I found that both YUI’s vocal and background music a-bit too heavy and dull throughout the song. I’m not saying I don’t like YUI using her deeper vocal as she did pretty well in ‘How crazy’, but somehow it just sound so plain as she seems to be focusing too much on her ‘throat’ voice. No doubt YUI had show occasional switch of vocal range swiftly and beautifully but is just not enough.
Perhaps is the emotion that she put into this song and that song supposedly to be sounded like that. Come to the chores, YUI seems to be dragging every word especially the end of every phase. When the song approaching 3mins, the background instrument that goes ‘ta-da-dam-ta-da-dam’ (don’t know which string instrument is that) sounds just so weird!

To add on, towards the middle at 2mins plus when only background music w/o YUI vocal; the spamming of electric guitar and drums doesn’t seem appropriate at all, its like redundant, worst YUI voice pop up out of the blue there isn’t any sign of transition.

To conclude, the arrangement of music spoil the whole piece, it may sound better if sang acoustically.

It rather ironic that I can keep listing to the piece without getting bored!

Perhaps when kai like something; no matter how bad they may turn out, he still like them, ***goosebumps***

On the contrary, the bonus track “Last Train” acoustic version sound a-bit too fast pace, seems like YUI trying to catch up with the guitar rhythm, as she may want to portrait the image of catching the last train, =,=

Well it appears that kai is acting music pro and critic here and there!

AND S0-NY pls let YUI rest that she can quietly sit down and pen down better music, she releasing single after single like mad; so give her a break~

Ps: weekend goona be happening, that kai had finished his report!!!

lastly kai will love anyone that can sing like

and smile like

With that
Take care =’


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