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Saturday, July 14, 2007

aNOther oF kai's lame AcTion

For those who had took the same ride as me be it on bus or MRT; seeing me standing (even if there’s seat), not wanting to hold on to any pole and when asked why, I will then self-proclaimed ‘I’d master the art of balancing’. The response I got were mostly =,= , as nearly everyone can do it, BUT I must stressed that balancing on a moving bus taking on an U-turn is not an easy task! Sometime to prevent people having the thought that I was ‘showing off’ my balancing skills, I will do the following things:

1) I’ll just pretend that I’m so tired thus don’t want to hold on to anything by tilting my head down closing my eyes. (Only can do this ‘trick’ on MRT though, as the distance it moving, the speed is predictable unlike the bus that can turn brake suddenly).
2) For bus I will just lightly tap onto the pole with my knuckles.
3) 1 hand massage my neck, the other with my finger tapping on my thigh along with the tune of music

(I’m the over-sensitive type, thus all these things to act as smokescreen).

*NOTE: All these are just for mere fun, actually more on I don’t want to depend on the pole when it not necessary, nothing else. Yea, this is what they called dishing out ‘fun’ in everyday life! Kinda weird habit I’d there. =/

And so today, I met a ‘challenger’. He is standing right beside me, with 1 hand holding a hand phone, the other just don’t want to hold on the pole that is right in front on him! To me that’s a direct challenge! (yea I know that’s childish, but still). Thus I also free my knuckle from the pole and look in the bus driver’s direction (you need to look what’s ahead of you to balance well). Apparently, the 2 of us look like an idiot, with legs wide apart and look in the same direction towards the driver, and with our hands dangling in the mid air, for me I just pretend massaging my neck and occasionally tapping my finger on my thigh along with the tune of music.

Comes the critical moment when the bus takes a sharp left U-turn and the 2 of us were like leaning forward like ‘surfer’ (I can’t believed he actually use the same ‘technique’ as me), and we both survived the trial! That moment, I thought he is a pro, a worthy opponent indeed! (I know it’s lame and childish again, but that’s me, =]). Finally comes a point when he actually ‘gave in’ by holding onto a pole when someone intercept from his left, I was like I WON! (not a fair ‘victory’ though). He then went further into the bus and takes a seat, as if admitting ‘defeat’. Inside me was like laughing/smuggling like mad!!!

After the swim on my way back, met Clinston on the bus and was really glad that he is doing reallllllly good =]. Know that he is busy with his FYP and stuff.

As for now, I will hold back, but that does not means I held no concern for you as a friend =]. Seeing your nick change from ‘million of things to do in short amount of time’ and the word ‘freak’, all I can said is kamba-te and preserve like what you’d told me =]

Lastly, wana share this theme song ‘Tobira Wo Akete ‘ from card captor sakura, whenever this song is played randomly over my mp3, it just liven me up. =]

‘It's all right daijoubu DAIJOUBU daijoubu
kiseki datte okoseru
Here we go ikou yo ikou yo ikou yo tsubasa hiroge
kitto nani ka ga nani ka ga doko ka de deaeru hi o matteru
DO! DO! DO! DREAMING! DREAMING! soshite tobira ga hiraku yo...’

Sound so sweet-ne? The ‘its all right; daijobu; here we go’ sound just so encouraging =]

*for most this maybe just another girl whining ‘act-cute’ song, but that’s not the case for moi!

With that
Take care


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