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Sunday, July 08, 2007

once in a blue moon thoughts

Sometime I just wish how human’s brain is oriented, inter-twined that I may actually understand what they meant. Typing word over net, I can’t really decipher what others meant; emotion & thoughts wise. I meant you can show ‘=]’ to show you are happy ‘=[‘ to depict sad but they just being used so freely that it just lose its meaning. That is why I love to talk face to face, that I can actually hear your voice & recognize your feelings and understand your thoughts and feelings. I just felt lost when words typed that seems to have 2 opposite end meaning; I love to see the extreme bright side of your words, but the skeptic inside me thinks the other extreme negative end. Sometime perhaps I hope we can sit down and chat

Guess at time I just didn’t have the courage to face you and stuff, but perhaps its better this way, for you~

Every word of yours form a lyric, every sentence making a song~ I thought (read it somewhere).

Right enough of all these once in a blue moon kai’s thoughts, yea~

And so last Friday, I found my lost ring!!! (It had lost couple, no about 5 times. 2 times over at JI) and somehow it manage to find its owner always!!! Its my lucky ring I guess and from that day on, I made myself to take good care of the ring. Kinda, ‘sacred’ to me. LOL, perhaps of those engraving that it just can’t bear to find another owner.

With that
Take care

Ah____________ report!!!


  • You can never truly understand the workings of a human mind. You're right, of course... face to face is the best... But i find that i'm able to express myself more freely in lifeless words such as these. I never seem to be able to be free from my chains... I don't know what holds me back so firmly from speaking my mind... And when i do, i usually end up hurting someone or making enemies when i had no intention to... so i stay silent most of the time. I don't know... I just feel freed when i type. Words written, as you say, can be imbued with many thoughts, feelings, motives and subtle tones... there's so very few that i can be truly open to face to face... and well, i find that i really am wittiest when i'm typing lol

    By Anonymous a fool, At 11:50 PM  

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