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Friday, July 20, 2007

aNOher crApping

Man was down with a sneeze! Those liquid just drips down my nostrils unknowingly like an unscrewed tap. Spanner, please someone?

Uncle is ‘rebuking’ me since you are so interested in astronomy, why not study the creator of them? I was like does that means by studying him I know everything? He knows everything, but I can’t learn everything from him. Everything here had to be learned through chances, and chances are given by him? Chances are based on probability, if the probability of those chances to occur is low, does that means that I don’t have the chance to learn that thing? Since not all chances come to me like that, I’d to create a portal to learn them. Since many ‘law’ are created to shun us from some ‘truth’, these portals allow me to dive in and see the other side and compare and decide which is real?

Bla bla another of kai crapping.
Shyt think my nostrils get a few inches bigger after constant rubbing!

with that
Take care


  • lol it may be the creators who created that certain branch of study, but it'll always be up to those that follow to expand it and widen its horizon...

    By Anonymous sneeze, At 8:20 PM  

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