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Friday, July 20, 2007

kai love enTertainers!

The BLOG is solely yours, you’d the right to BLOG everything and anything under the sun, after all it’s a place where you penned down yours thoughts, throw your temper on and bla bla b- la.

Was referring to the recent bombarding of ‘raining snow’ better known as xiaxue on 7 fellow bloggers, of which I had no comments on except on 1 fellow guy – Steven Lim!

I meant he had already being ‘SUAN’ by her till he can wet his pants or to be exact his TM yellow swimming trunk! Its always natural for human beings to be defensive and to fight for your so-called pride and no doubt Steven is doing so on his exclusive telecast over YOUTUBE. Sadly, instead of clearing his name, it just magnified what she’d said about him, and he simply deluding himself even more then ever~

Whatever the case is, we readers are the 1 enjoying the ‘show’. Stressful lifestyle over here we NEED BLOGGERS like them to entertain us. We just smile and shrug our shoulders on their attempt to get attentions and stuff. Ultimately its us readers that made them continue to ‘shoot’ one another in their arena, so readers out there keep comments on their posts that kai here can sit back with his chocolate and enjoy the upcoming episode~

With that
Kai take care


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