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Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Right I’m feeling much better now, thanks, except for the minor sore throat and aching in the joints @__@

1 of the staff commented that I look so ‘red’, I guess is perhaps of the fever I had or the fact that yesterday I’d purposely walked under the sun when there is shade, don’t ask me why. . .


Bring back some thoughts on yesterday MRT trip, I witness this old man with his eyes slanted 180 degree to his left and eyeing on what else – boobs of a lady. I tell you man that sight simply gross me up from within, and the fact that I stared at him and he seems oblivious to my staring shows how he focusing his energy in wrong area! I meant is **nature for man to notice this kind of thing** but is inappropriate to stare at them! Whenever his action comes popping by my head, I can’t help but either shrugging my shoulder or laugh (again don ask me why). . .

Of all the possibility symptoms, I really thank GOD that I didn’t catch a cold or something, cuz I really darn hate the idea of uncontrollable phlegm that continuously drain out from my nostrils which required darn lots of tissue paper which may eventually made my nose swollen from the non-stop blew-ing. . .

And I must say I’m really surprised by Youhna, who sang many English cover; can’t fight the moonlight, if I ain’t got you, open arms etc! I wouldn’t believe they were sung by a Korean without prior ‘knowledge’!

with that
take care ='


  • you don't feel such urges, kai? =o

    By Anonymous curious, At 12:09 AM  

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