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Monday, July 30, 2007

Happy B'dae to me ME!!!

Right how I spend my last teen hood year? One phase ‘sinful indulgence’!

Sat treat by Mel I had:

Dinner over at ESLMIRADA (the atmosphere is rather romantic, those candles and stuff, inappropriate place; but hey who cares when there good foodies):

I had
1) Seafood soup (mussels, cod fish, prawns etc)
2) Grilled platter (beef, lamb, mutton, wedges, capsicum, tomato)
3) Cup of cocktail (some Brazilian stuff with lime, rock sugar etc)
4) Garlic bread (superb! The mild garlic aroma just diffuses into your mouth proportionately).

(can't really see the photo)

the half prak garlic bread

seafood soup

the platter @__@

Some chocolate from LEONIDAS (1 piece is equivalent to 1 bar of chocolate!) I picked 9 for myself (greedy @__@ 1 of those things I can’t resist are chocolate!) 1 of them is enough to lift me up; you know those flying sensation.
Indulge at Starbuck and talk over those good old days. . .
Wrap with an ear piece as gift

Sun treat from uncle:

Dinner at Din Tai Fung (some Chinese delicacy, over there I learnt appropriate way to finish those Xiao Long Bao)

I had
1) Xiao Long Bao
2) Prawn Seiw Mai
3) Tofu
4) Red date with longan drink
5) Beef noodle
6) Chicken soup noodle
7) Some white fungus thingy as dessert

Really a good experience to eat those Xiao Long Bao in the traditional way.
If I remembered correctly
1) Use a chopstick to grab 1
2) Dip it in the vinegar soaked in ginger
3) Place in a spoon
4) Take a nibble off at the layer
5) Slurp the essence
6) Put some ginger dip in vinegar on top
7) Finished it off

Envelop with a billabong t-shirt as gift.

A short but sweet birthday party which is most unexpected over at ICES, my attachment area!

Sometime I do wonder what have I done to deserve those blessing; as the Chinese saying goes perhaps is past life good deeds that I’m redeeming all those ‘rewards’ now, =]

Nothing beats spending those special days with the X soul, but having you guys around guess is good enough and am contend for now.

To be with the one you love more or with those who love you more? Selfish me pick the latter; but with all these blessings, I guess I ought to love more!

*out of the blue* quote
Man are blinded by what they wanted to see that it hinder their road ahead.

Lastly, do think I fall sick on my B’dae, fever, headache, sore throat and potential sneeze! A big =========,========= indeed! hope tml will get well!

and after a year i still look the same @__@

same place as the DP

Right now I’m picturing myself in a lounge with YUI singing ‘Happy Birthday to YOU X2) on the stage singing SOLEY for me

and and i jux dig up 1 really cool j-pop artiste -=BONNIE PINK=- (her 2 'sexy moles' really made her stand out, O_O), she played guitar (which i sadly gave up on) too like YUI!!

rest now (dizzy spell really getting over me)

with that
take care ='


  • Why'd you cut out my picture...? still uneasy about me appearing on your blog...? T_T But well... at least this is the first time... you've written in such detail =p hope you and your bro get over the whole incident of the earpiece soon... twas' all a misunderstanding...

    By Anonymous melvin, At 12:27 AM  

  • more like for privacy purpose @__@

    By Blogger kai, At 5:13 PM  

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