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Saturday, July 07, 2007

getting more & more lame

It was Friday, and we decided to test less sample, and to test less sample = more free time which means more sprees of lame-doing over at the lab =/ .

I manage to fold this tiny frog (nt the smallest 1 yet) and left it on the UV-spectrophotometer and left for lunch. [i even drew the eyes LOL]

When I came back I saw this---

The paper wrote ‘Hello look over here can help me find my mother which is 10X bigger’- I was like O_O and had no idea who wrote it till xp mentioned ‘Angela’, must me her I thought that lab technician!! I never fold a bigger 1 as I was busy then-after~

The long awaited chemical finally arrived, it looked like this

After I meddle with it, it looked like this

I was like ‘wow’ it cost 200 odds, but the ‘wow’ was soon diminished when I learnt that there are more ‘prestigious’ chemical out there, it just like a frog in a well =/

Yesterday, hang out with poly friends for game of pool of which I can’t manage to focus well cuz I’m wearing spec and when I bend down, I can’t see what’s in front of me, unless I’m wearing an over-spec/contact lens that is, thus the game turn out #$#@$ for me.

Well anyways, it good to hang out once in awhile when all of us are still busy with their respective projects. . .

When don’t feel like doing anything, yet is force to, it just turns sour~

‘Nature abhor vacuum’
So fill your lungs with air. . . LOL na more like be open to the surrounding~

Having dreams lately, and had already finished 40 cubes of choc this week (small cube)! i was like shyt I'm addicted to chocolate. and the popping out of pimples recently should be that excessive amount of chocolate consumed. BA, i still love them

And 1 must try sesame ice cream found at 7-11, that sweetness is so darn strong that it can numb your taste bud (thus the sweetness tasted mild after you’d finished half)!! Cautious: finish it fast, as it melts really fast~ =/

With that
Take care


  • I still have the little one in my pencil box... The one i got you to fold for me so long back... ^_^

    In my workshop, they use industrial paper, which is pretty much like 1 ply toilet paper like water.... as though it's free... and each roll costs like 2-3 hundred dollars... that's pretty much where all our money ends up... lol...

    lol i like flavours that are intense, but not overwhelming, mild yet perceptible, soothing yet sensual and stimulating yet relaxing... thus is the essence of true flavor =p

    By Anonymous lone wanderer, At 11:44 PM  

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