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Sunday, July 15, 2007

O-O-O-O-O >('-|-|-|-<

Hmm guess I’m starting to appreciate those ‘ang mo’ and ‘chinois’ music. However, I still try to limit them in my mp3 as when I listen to songs of language I know, I’ll tend to follow the lyric and focus so much that I can’t ‘sleep with it’. Unlike Jap, a language that is alien to me, I’ll tend to follow the tune, rhythm, beats and stuffs which will eventually lullaby-ize me to sleep on each lazy morning and evening bus trip to and fro to Jurong Island. It just calm me in a way~

Was expecting to receive my paycheck today, but turns up to be only ¾ months of the pay and I was like -,- get some clothes and this really cute and budgeted Simpson T-shirt, the other pair not shown here for sis~ (p.s. the 2nd piece cost <$3). When sis saw this, think she be like cheh! @_ _ _ @

(When there’s no 1 to dote on, do dote on yourself)

Things that I wana do
1) A visit to old change hospital! Miss the opportunity again today, urggghh!!! My bro and his pals made up 2 pairs thus if I join will be odd number which is consider ‘unsafe’ and stuff~ I always believe I had some ‘supernatural’ ability, perception but I still yet to witness 1 yet. Perhaps, my ‘yang’ energy is too high; after-my last name is yang, that avert me form witnessing 1. Right an illogical explanation -,- ? A part of me just want to see one, yet the other part just seems to be afraid of knocking onto one~

Sometime I do felt eerie and had goose bumps when walking along down an ally and I’ll just sing and walk fast, and never turn back!

2) To CHEK JAWA!!! Wonder if there’s any adventurous dude out there? Doubt!

3) Watch Paprika, another chim chim science fiction animae due pretty soon. This animated movie sure will leave me ‘uh? What the plot about?’ 1 thing for sure though, there are some deep theme within for me to dig out and discuss about =]

- who can guess what I'm Doodling on the tittle?

With that
Take care


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