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Wednesday, July 04, 2007


I always find myself running my hands around the ‘stuff’ in the lab, ranging from opening/closing of drawers repeatedly, stacking micropipette tips and stuff whenever I had nothing to do. ((those actions happen sub-consciously; as in I never purposely go and fidgeting with those stuff, it just happen like that, sometime w/o me knowing, O_O, maybe not that exaggerating)

‘Kajie, what are you doing’? ‘Trying to spoil my equipment’? ‘Itchy hand is it’? are some common lingo from the lab technician to me.

Then today she finally gave in and gives me this as a ‘souvenir’ or as a tool to stop me from meddling. . .

THIS ubber
Gigantic. syringe

And I was like thanks, and already thinking what should I do with it. .hmm
1) Use it as a water gun to disturb Russell was my first thought~ (and I really did it when I reach home, and was like ops, as the jet of water is kinda strong!), yea poor him =/
2) That was my only idea at that moment~

-had finished my project proposal due this Friday, thanks to the chemical shortage over at the lab, that I’d the time to do the report over there. (The initial ‘to-start’ stage is always hard, but the ball will roll well when you begin to take that first step~)

On the contrary to confess (initial stage) is easy but the process of marinating/submitting/commitment is not easy~

**guitar, guess giving up for now** passion dies when I posses it, that a part of me that gotten change~~

-- and the tooth-pick pronounce ‘tu-pit’ head piece I bought thinking that it may prove better in blocking background noise, but turn out ‘pui’ ~, so now yea using back the old ear piece~ --

and GOsh, there this girl showing her boobs who added a comment on my youtube webpage!! i was like #$#%$#%@#$% WTF!!! (and i don know how to remove it) darn it!!

take care


  • ... you really have too much energy, now don't you? -.- guess you really are the kind who can't sit still in one spot... think if i were to strap you onto an operation table, you'd go mad lol

    ... i think russell must hate you now -___-lll

    aww... kai-kun... really still such a sweet innocent boy =p

    By Anonymous puppy hugger, At 12:12 AM  

  • @ puppy hugger

    more like puppy strangle (kidding =] ) yea i jux cant stick my butt at 1 place, thus i will just meddle with anythings, till i get tired or sian of it then perhaps will then just stone there LOL

    now i'm more than innocent, tt innocent shld be 'innocent'~

    By Blogger kai, At 7:25 PM  

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