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Sunday, July 22, 2007

juST sO you know

Walking down this lane today, gives me a different feeling
Drizzle that only visible under street lamp and occasional passing of car
Drizzle that takes time to fog my spectacles
Drizzle that pitter-pat on my head, roll down my chin
They never failed to mesmerized me
I felt tranquil

A sudden chilling wind blew by
My heart is as if already open and welcomes it to gush in
The drizzle now feels like needle penetrating right into soul
All these numb me

But still I thought

I am stubborn
I have my pride
I always paint a perfect picture in my mind
A little righteous
A little pride
I have not been stumble in any ways
I thought I have all the answers
Since you left, I admit I was wrong
I’m lost
I try to keep find my way
How to face the day without you

Tears that fell like rain
Only awaken by sudden droplet of accumulated raindrop from leaf tip

You just a prayer away no matter where I am
I know in my heart you never too far when I’m losing my way
My strength is in my faith
I’m never alone cuz you just a prayer away

Jumbo of thoughts and abstract from some emocore songs

Just realize those English songs in my mp3 are mostly emocore!!! @___@
They are melodic, real, relaxing, and of course emotional
BUT most people interpret them as sad

with that
take care

An un-stabilize mixture invite others chemicals to come in to form a reaction just as an un-stabilize love can be filled by others, only time tells. There is no 1 formula for any reaction till the 2 are together. –kai (1988-???)


  • wow. you actually have english songs in your mp3? i thought the only existing songs inside ur portable jukebox is ur japanese songs.. ahahha..

    still don't get why you like hearing them... i bet your workplace ppl find you puzzling too! hahaha..

    By Blogger Ruben, At 11:16 PM  

  • there, there... *hugs Kai-kun*

    By Anonymous we all need a hug sometimes, At 8:21 PM  

  • @ ruben
    every-time when my music is played in the lab (we transferred songs to lab com), then i can felt thousand of eyes staring at me and they were like 'not again, and what listen to unknown language' etc! thus only towards the end of the day then i played my music once in while!


    By Blogger kai, At 7:20 PM  

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