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Monday, July 09, 2007

eye candies

For some reasons, I just can’t stop typing these days~ (other then reports of course, is blogging)

And so last Saturday tried this KOLO MIAN with uncle, other then the paper-thin abalone, there’s nothing special about it. 1 thing worth mentioning is that, the mee is easy to swallow, like it drives down your gut automatically once it enter your mouth. Point to note: the chili is salty so don’t dunk a spoonful to it and expecting it to have a ‘kick’ when it tasted like fermented fish, salted fish rather -,- that’s too far-fetched!!!

The KOLO MIAN look like this (where the abalone? No not in my tummy but in a bowl of soup and my HP cam is out of width to take down the whole thing, so yea)

Bottom line, the taste does not worth the price tag~ but is worthwhile to try once in your life~

Due to the small serving, had a burger over at MOS (MOS burger), was captured by the tag board sign “must try” showing some shrimp burger, I was like wOO. Inside, another burger attracted me. ..

It looked so darn freaking sumptuous and power-pack, that I decided that’s the burger.

Then it turn out so pathetically small~ (some business strategy to trick people like me huh!)

BUT their valina milkshake rock bottom, superb; so mild yet full of fragrance, A must to try, like 10000 trillion better then the 1 that goes by the icon ‘M’ (its obvious which fast food restaurant I’m referring to, but I don’t wana receive any lawyer letter so yea) =.=


Preparing sample now is like imbue into our systems now, getting them done faster and faster thus more and more time to do lame things; and today is the origami DAY. Folded frog, grasshopper, crane, hearts with wings, and a bee which I gave up halfway; all these little things just made the dull lab a little bit brighter I guess.

Here the cool site to hang over on origami: origami is contagious!!!

Well today happened to be the last day of 1 of the senior and she gave each of us this: look powder-fully choc milk and eyes just sparkle when I saw these 2 words ‘WICKED CHOCOLATE’, and I was like here I come.

The taste, hmm not that chocolaty but the milk sure is thick, that we decided to centrifuge it to see it components and it look like

LOOK at the layer of milk powder, woot man!

Finally thanks to linnette over at imeem, here are some eye candies


there more actually BUT, its gonna make this page lag so yea~

and YUI in kimono

--where e rest of the readers??--
with that
take care



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