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Friday, March 09, 2007

Some pics ~

**detached from serious topic for now**

Alas, manage to wake up early in the morning, at least for once in this weekday from the usual norm of after 1030. Having my usual breakfast of oat meal, this time round without banana, and a cup of milo top with chocolate powder, condense milk to a minimum ( discovered this formulation during the midst of exam, when the sole purpose is to keep from drooling).

Heading for the pool soon, need to stretch those lazy, stiff and soon rotten body of mine! Anyway below are some 1/10 of the pictures that I had took with my hp (resolution like $#@$) over the yrs, mostly dog =/

HE long to get out of the apartment, or is he eyeing at his love somewhere opposite the block?


Remind me of bunny

1 of those thing i do for . . .


Apparently, seems like he trying to clean his paw?

1 of those day that im so addict to MS, that i drew 1 of the cha.

taking his slp (poor lighting thus)

Perfect pose for tt day!


He look tired, dont wana post in front of my cam thinking '$!@#@ what this guy wana do from me, can he see me taking nap!?'

cool pic ar? wanted to take stars (withness horizon belts! around my area) with a hp cam, im asking too much)

I always love or picture that 1 day, I would ride on my bicycle armed with a camera (you know that kind of professional used, that required you to turn here turn there), and take down photos of that instant of things (people, animals, insects. Flowers, trees, lake, sky, moon, star, cloud, field, ocean, so many many other things!).
They may not be there soon after. With those collection I will paste them on a album for some reasons. . .

**realised that those music with lyric sung out,is kind of distractful when 1 reading, hence now playing a more peaceful instrumental piece, thereafter will be those with lyric, pop-by the playlist at the bottom, some of my favourite songs**

From this post on.. before I end it, I will write things that I wana do with ??her in times to come. mostly are drama-like(tt does not mean i stole the 'idea' from drama). . .

-the thing I want to do with ??her—
1) Find a secret place that only we both know, considering that Singapore is relatively small, thus perhaps a place not many people had known of. It is a place that we did not intentionally go and search for. One day, we may just said ‘ai…ah this is the place’. This will be the place where we came together, and remember special events of each other (birthday, etc). It is also a place when I know she’s down, and nowhere to find, and know that she be there. It’s a place where memories of us will be held!

Take care
Kai =’


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