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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

east meet west/

--gonna play a more fast-beat song - Change the world by V6- enjoy~

I realized how bored it was to keep reading local BLOGS these days, I mean what we wrote are mostly
1) What we do today.
2) Oh, how I hate so and so, especially targeted on teacher.
3) Complain, whine, gossip on everything and anything.
4) Man, how this guy or girl had hurt their hearts.
5) Personal attack, usually the name of the ‘victim’ isn’t disclosed or phrases it in a way that is darn obvious, e.g. Jess, they wrote as that ‘J’ you know. … or ‘who else, that girl/guy with short hair, small eye’ (some of the distinctive features are mentioned to make it obvious, without a hint of oblivious.)
6) Oh, how my daryl had treated me today. Buy me this that, blab la.
7) Blurt out their emotion into readable format.
8) Some trash-talking.

I mean who cares how you felt, and what you had done, unless of course you are someone that is prominent, or unless of course your dear pals are reading them.

As oppose to this local trend, people in the sates are writing stuffs that are more specific and not random, not much of ‘feeling’ but focus more of ‘thoughts’, that how I felt after poping by some of them.

Some post write all about cars, sailing, and there this guy devoted his BLOG to Jesus, some wrote about the battle of both the opposite sexes, for some they dedicated their BLOG to poetry, some showcase their talents in arts by posting their masterpieces every now and then and there this guy show all the wonderful link to other pages that 1 can do. All these I found over the net by chance, as in if you had notice for every BLOG, there this icon “next BLOG”, I just keep pressing it till I dig out something interesting.

After all, different culture, environment factors bring out the difference across races that are distinctive to respective group, hence our writing style is varies too!

True I enjoy reading what my pal had done over the weeks, or more importantly, to notice that they are down and need someone to be there when they wrote ‘how rotten’ their day is for example. However, for Kai to do something that is repetitive, will bored him to death (but of course how my pals felt is > my boredom).

By dropping by other pal’s BLOG across the globe, I’m more aware what happening outta this well of mine and some cross-cultural exchange? O_O


Other difference I notice between the east vs west BLOGGING style is that the west don’t usually play music and have had numerous link to various sites over the net as oppose to the east. Perhaps, they felt that music will somehow distract 1 when reading, or more likely, is redundant! They focus more on the content they wrote then the BLOG’s layout, as oppose to the majority east. As for us Chinese, the ‘kiasu’ (Singaporean’s lingo for 'extreme fear of losing') type, when we saw others had music in their BLOG, we can’t wait to have one personal live play list in our very own BLOG too, that how I had 1 in my own BLOG too (and yup we are kiasu)! In fact I dare say 80% of us had air music in their own BLOG, if consider all had the knowledge to insert the play list, it could jolly well hit 90%! (just my view.) 1 may argue ‘oh, I air this music is because I want to share with others this beautiful piece of music’. Is it? I don’t know.

Bleh, enough if this vague comparison, or generalization of mine.

So what had I been doing for the past 2 days?
Yesterday, I had succeeded in another personal goal of myself – to walk from my house (near boon keng ) area to Toa payo swimming complex, had a swim, thereafter walk back home.

To most, they may just sneer at this ‘accomplishment’ of mine, I mean ‘what big deal is that.’ But to get a lazy breed to do so is something promising! Or rather the motivation pull to get me doing is- to pass time; after all I had nothing to do while serving my ‘holiday sentence’. This just take a whoopy 3hrs =]

Here are some of the ‘crazy’ stuff I had done during my holiday since poly days.
1) With my bike, I cycled all the way to the end of East Coast Park, without actually knowing the actual route to get there, I just simply based on my instinct to get there. The fact is that I’m kind of street-dumb, always forgotten where to turn in a shopping complex, but I thought perhaps that day I’m so determinant to get to my destination that I had metamorphosis, so don’t belittle what you brain could do! =/ and so when I tried to u-turn back to my house, I lost my direction along the way =,=, that determinant drive perhaps had ceased after the accomplishment, or so I thought. Some samatharian, gave me direction to get home safely. With my bike got stolen, I’m more or less got coop at house,@_@
2) Jog to Toa Payo stadium from house and stroll back (there was a time, I kept looking out my house window, and wonder how far can I jog before I’m got wore up, I had always to do this but did not had the time (excuses) ) and thus I kept procrastinate, till recently I gave myself a goal to jog to Toa Payo stadium, more of jog-walk actually =/
3) Is what I had done lately, the walk, swim, and walk more.

Do what you want to do now, least that you regret in the future (even small stuff like my above ‘crazy stuff’ gives me a sense of accomplishment and happiness!) I’m not saying that I’m easy to be satisfied, but when I had carry out something I had set for myself, I’ll be on my world of la-la (ba, perhaps not that exaggerating), but the triumph is always there!

And so after yesterday, after the swim, my sis pestered me to bring her to ps for some shopping and stuffs like that. I can’t decline, after all I had made a yubikiri (A pledge or promise made, sealed by hooking our right pinky fingers together) with her last Friday. Along the way, we came across those hand-made chocolate that is displayed on the refrigerated shelf, she asked me to get some for her.
‘how much is it’ I asked the counter, pointing at the milky duo hearts chocolate
‘4 for $8’
‘Woot, I thought to myself’
noticing my expression, the lady said here a box of chocolate that is about the same as the displayed, just that this box is machine-made
‘Ok, I have that’ (what a cheapskate bro?)
Paid $6 for those @__@

Anyway thereafter, we shop the most unusual place that a bro will bring his sis – Carrefour! To my surprised, she seems to enjoying herself too =], we both love food! We bought ourselves a carton of chocolate latte, some sushi (her treat) and a sponge cheese cake at breadtalk. Guess what, we finished those goodies at kopitiam, sharing the cake, drink and stuffs like that. @______@
That day end with a good night sleep, optimum shag!

The day before, went out with uncle, if I continued writing will be darn draggy, next entry perhaps?

Take care,

Lopang her on a single-seated bicycle. With her sitting in between me and the handle, and occasionally she had to head-down, so as not to block of view! Weekdays will be perfect I guess, less people ma. If her butt cant tehan the pain when sitting on the bicycle rim, then I suggest the 2 setter bikes(she can choose to sit behind, without padding of course!)


  • i try to picture how u both at ps - heart warmthen

    i like racheal sky blue - like got a eager soar abv the trees - i luv it

    By Anonymous uncle, At 9:39 PM  

  • hmm yeah you are right.. i was really thinking "whats the big deal" when i saw that you accomplished your goal of walking to toa payoh.. since i did that 4/5 times i went toa payoh. ya, people are really different in many aspects...

    anyway, you seems really free. when is your attachment starting? mine start 4 or 5 days after my exam.. not fair isn't it.. i should have joined tp 2years ago.. lol

    By Anonymous Chire, At 10:31 PM  

  • -uncle
    there are 2 eagles if u look closely! 1 at the far left if im nt wrong O_O

    hmm yup yup. diff ppl fulfil their days in various ways. as for attachment think nxt mth, i myself nt sure too (usually pal inform one)

    now,i jump from blog to blog, comment here comment there, and see the various responses of diff races across the globe and see if my assumption is correct...


    By Blogger kai, At 11:01 PM  

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