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Saturday, March 10, 2007

A day with sensei

Before I start, I wana made this ‘testimonial’, I’m in love with this song 'Last Christmas’!!! (hence I can’t help but to play this lovely song) from the original version by WHAM, to BUSTED, Savage Garden, Boa, Carrie Underwood ,Ashely Tisdale, Hilary Duff and ??CRAZy frog?? Rendition, of course there are many other artists who sang it, but I was first introduced to this song by BoA, hence gonna air her Rendition! Darn sweet song, but I don’t understand 1 part of the lyric
‘once bitten and twice shy’, some1 help decipher?

Reader beware: A boring entry, towards the ending especially.

And so yesterday, I had visited this sensei to treat my aching neck that had been biting me for months. This was not the first time I knocked on their door, in fact I’m sought of like a ‘regular customer’, having visited them for like 3 times, since my P6 days, first time with my fracture thumb when I try to snatch a rebound during a basketball game, then somehow a hand came crashing down on the ball, and the #$%$% ball came booming on my helpless thumb, then ‘prunt’. Pay those sensei soon after.

2nd time) cant really recalled how I injured my kneecap, and the sensei said that 1leg of mine is shorter than the other, I was stunned! He somehow managed to stretch it, such that both the length tally, God knows how he did it. Guess what, I immediately went for cycle soon after the treatment, with my bandage kneecap =,=

3rd time) that was yesterday. The sensei treating me apparently looks like an apprentice, for I picture those experience sensei with fatherly voice, countable white hair top with uncountable snowy moustache. Here my experience during his treatment.

He landed me a chair and asked me to sit on, I sit on it, preparing for his onslaught.
‘Take off your shirt’ he said
Woo, I thought to myself, only my neck need treatment what, then I recalled what my ah ma had said, 1 part of the body injured is link to other part, ba as in, need to massage other part of the body such that the blood can flow well?

Without taking off my spec, I took off my shirt.

‘Don’t need to take out your spec first?’

Pouring some ointment, he start his massaging. The first minutes, was darn relaxing, he just massage not much force is applied. He noticed my back kind of ‘char-ta’ (burned), then he made this statement:
‘Your had stiff neck, is because your body is heaty’
‘I just came from a swim, you see’

He immediately change subject
‘When you went?’
‘Toa Payo’
‘Isn’t there any near swimming pool near your house?’
‘Yea, there are 1 at Kallang and Jalan Besar’
‘Why don’t you go there swim?’
‘Kallang, very hulu hulu, and notorious for water being dirty’ (I witness some brown stuff, when I swam over there, that brown stuff could be anything, and I don’t wish to picture it as some shyt, if not I being swimming in a pool of shyt) and not Jalan Besar, kind of small.
‘Be honest with me la, you went Toa Payo cox there had more babes to see right?’
This statement totally spoils my image of sensei as some sage full of wisdom!
‘No!’ (but yea, what he said is true, as in more babes, but that not the reason I went there, =,=)
He seems to be pretty stubborn of his judgment that my stiff neck originated from heaty body, and asked
‘Do you have late night?’
‘Yea’, (My panda eyes speak everything)
After the initial soft massage, slowly he begun to show his ‘kang-hu’ (kong-fu), first with his multiple chops, then squeeze my back for some reasons, possibly of ‘releasing’ those heat I guess. I can hardly bare the pain when he use his finger to poke some part of back, perhaps some ‘xue tou’, follow by rotating my head back and forth.

Tilting my head up he asked ‘Still pain?’
‘Yea’ (I regret that statement made!)
He called out some name, then this guy appeared in front of me and continues the treatment, he had this aura around him, that more like a sensei I though to myself. After pressing on my neck, he slowly twist my neck to 1 side then, out of sudden turn it in the opposite direction. ‘prant’ I can hear those little bones of my neck jerking, in order. That feeling was more of shiok then pain actually =/ he ended the treatment by using 2 bag of bun-like cloth which was soak in some hot ointment and pad my back. I though, since he claimed my body is heaty, then why must he introduce heat to my body after ‘releasing’ it. Guess the art of Chinese ‘kung-hu’ is beyond my reached. Was given some pills to take too, is for blood circulation. =,=. He told me to come back on Monday.

Today I wake up and realize that now my back hurt too, and the side of my neck kind of stiff. =,=

I came with a conclusion:
To me I thought, they purposely not treat fully when they can, or somehow ‘install’ some foreign time bomb in your body that made sure you knock back on their door. My thumb, though not hurt when left untouched, but when is twist a certain angle, can felt the pain. =,=.

Man this is so a boring entry!

so to spice things up, here the crazy frog rendition of 'Last Chritmas'
++pause the playlist at bottom of page++

When she down, I treat her with ice-cream, you know those with cone and can get from those mobile ice-cream uncle. She soon forgotten what sad things had happen that day.

for now i'm enjoying the 'mua chee' made by ah ma

take care
kai ='


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