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Monday, March 26, 2007

leaving on a jet plane Pretty soOn -,-||| & HApPy BiRTHdAy YUI!

Sheeze, I’m been sneezing lately, you know those kind of sneeze that made me **ah-choo** 3-4 times within 5 mins interval, thereafter the mucus uncontrollably drool down like open tap, and I had to rush to the nearest sink, after-which, will not be sneezing for the next few hours then the process continue….

And whenever I blasted those mist through my nostrils, **they** will kinda repelled and **bounced** back to my face, cuz mind you I’m living on 23rd story high up and the wind is howling fiercely through my room window, towards me! **can picture the scenario?** sometime I wished the wind will be blowing in my direction, instead of against me, or maybe I should just stationed myself **parallel** to the wind flow direction. And DanG the sneeze must be getting the hell outta me that I’m uttering all these craps! A big @_________________________________@!!!

To think that my chalet is 2 days time, hopefully by then will be fully or at the very least-partially recover! =]

Yesterday, had a long chat with uncle at coffee bean, 1st time was with Mel, 2nd with John and 3rd uncle. . . on these 3 occasions, I talk, chat, gossip, utter a lot, I mean hell lots of things, I talked about everything above and under the sky! I think is the drink that made me high, you know those chocolate, cinnamon they added in the drink! So with sweet and bitter stuffs I will be switch on to the ‘high’ mode and can talk with you the whole night! Bottom-line whenever you need someone to listen or talk to, dial me up and meet at coffee bean/star-buck! Beware I might do all the talking instead! =/

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Noticed this couple, and the guy apparently left a piece of tissue paper on the table to sought of **chop** the seat, cuz that’s the only sofa seat left, and so yea, he is caught **red-handed** =/. The couple not in picture though, you see I’m not skilled enough to include them in the photo, so must wait for them to leave first, =/

Today is YUI’s birthday, yea! I got to know her birthday like months ago and keep rehearsing in my mind that ‘25. 25 .25, is YUI’s birthday’, and do think I just simply forgotten, till I log in to **bluewind** and realized the news!
This further proves how absent-minded I am, haiz, the only birthdays I could remember (with specific dates and months) are me, sis, bro and of course those that share the same day as me =/
weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, her debut movie ‘midnight sun’ is out on sale! @$11.90 =]

Pretty soon, I be attached to Jurong Island for some vocational training, playing with some machine, at least turning of some valves, till then @__@ I be playing these songs when I left for Jurong Island

-‘leaving on a jet plane’, cant found the original version though. By John Denver
-‘feel my soul’ – a song that YUI wrote when she left her hometown to Tokyo to further her music career!
**pretty dramatic actually, as it sound like I’m leaving for good =/**

Add on to my sneeze, my muscles are aching all over now after a 2.4km jog I had yesterday, it was like how many donkey years had I since run and yet I still try to keep up with the pace of my pal who had 3 months of BMT! Sheesh, how weak I had became! Gotta train more I guess @___@

Practically I’m a **wobbly** man now, cux my legs will kinda **wibble wobble** when I walk, just simply can’t walk straight in short @___@

as usual with my blog jumping, i came across this blog that post a video of hillsong!
for those christians outta there, hillsong shouldnt be alien, when i listen to the video, it brings back those memeories i had spent at my church and yea, if the scene of ppl faith, eg lifting up thier arms to God gives u goosebumps, just minimize this page and enjoy the worship, trust me is worth ur time! and i wana clarify stm singing praise is nt equal to fast songs and singing worship is not equal to slow songs, jux some misconception that some followers may have =/


hillsong - still

With that
Take care =’

Is hard to say ‘I love you’ cuz I don’t even said that to my parents, what-more to someone else @___________@


  • Lol. Someone watched "After Hours"... Caught it just now, while I was flicking the channels.. Singapore version of "Friends".. Hahaha..

    Get well soon btw.

    By Blogger Ruben, At 2:08 AM  

  • WooOT yea! u darn right! quote from tt shoW! =/ is a show tt die die must catch!

    1 pretty Stereotypical quote, only things in guy's brain are
    'soccer, sex and car(or is it stm else)' and i was like

    and thx, feeling better now, and boy u sure sleep late!

    By Blogger kai, At 10:01 AM  

  • Hmm... so many people talking about ya without your knowledge? ;o You sure are popular... lol

    hehe... was i the first one who had a long talk with ya over a cup of coffee or tea, now, i wonder... lol There's just something about ya that makes people wanna open up... Kinda jealous... you open your heart to others, and they open theirs to yours... if i ever tried to do the same, i'd be shunned, despised and hated... lol... It's not easy for someone to accept someone who's entirely different from who they are...

    ooo... an attachment at last? perhaps you'll be doing something more productive than rotting at home now... lol ;p besides, i do believe it'll come in handy in your resume and such... give it your all, kai! ^_^

    Well... I could hardly keep up with you in those 'leisurely walks' we had quite a while back, remember? lol And we've gone so much farther than that measly 2.4km... would've expected ya to be stronger than that... lol =p And you've only yourself to blame for your aching muscles... but i think i've nagged enough at ya regarding the importance of stretching and warming up properly before exercise... lol Let's go again sometime... soon enough, it'll be i who'll be the one having difficulty catching up... your body's meant for this kind of activity, mine... isn't...

    'I love you'... Actions more oft than not speak louder than words, dear kai... But the importance of those 3 words, that confirm and erase any doubts the other might have regarding your feelings to them, and which recognises them and acknowledges them as something so much more than a simple friend... It takes great courage to say it, and much pride too. If you're proud to love that person, unafraid and totally true, you'll not hesitate to say it. Sometimes a boy has to grow up to be a man, kai... lol You may never get the chance to say it again... Do you regret? Do you wish you'd said or done more for your mom or your granddad...? It's a terrible thing i'm asking, i know, but you really need to be less of an insensitive, unresponsive brick... lol In any case, i still love ya for who ya are... of course, not in 'that' manner... as somewhat of an uncle or brother, perhaps XD

    By Anonymous the moon, At 7:36 PM  

  • @____@
    w/o my knowledge? He my pal la! pal visiting pal blog that common and normal, its nt bout popularity, ur comment are kinda weird sometime

    YUP, attachment soon, but i prefer the other 'attachment', ah never mind bout tt~

    know what ur brotherly love meant, but i just get goosebumps when i heard those words, unless is from girl of course =]


    By Blogger kai, At 3:31 PM  

  • R O F L i wasn't talking about ruben, but rather how if people talk behind your back, you tend to sneeze out of the blue... reference to all those jap anime with such scenes... lol

    By Anonymous the shadow, At 8:08 PM  

  • O_O, k me slow la, jux come back from e chalet u c, freaking shag, and how many donkey yrs had i since finished watching 1 anime i wonder?

    By Blogger kai, At 10:59 PM  

  • me gav a tot on ur las statment hw to say 'i luv u' to the father god for the christians outta there, does mr jesus go ard at his time using those words 'i luv u' n his converts vice versa..?

    i search briefly on the concordance 'i luv u' frm jesus n find not much..
    only recall in the clasical episode of the last chapter in the book of saint jhn - my favorite story where peter backslide after he realise his spiritual failure; his faithful mr jesus went to hunt him out at his old work place. mr jesus restore saint peter on his failure and reinstate his duty. d famous stanzas in d chapter was jesus ask peter 'do u luv me?' three times. the original interpretation was actually 'do u agape me?' for the first and second times while the las time jesus go down to the level of peter's heart for jesus. i interpret this way; 'is ok which level of luv u for me, do u phileo me?'
    i was fill with questions for myself with mr jesus thiking thru this theme. went to the prayer mtg the following evg after work, late but the unknwn worship leader sung an old song - not the hillsongs' but i gues was the hosannas' - "It is u, it is u tt i luv", tat's how amazing He relates to me somtimes.

    there are different lanuage of luv

    By Anonymous uncle, At 12:46 AM  

  • 'there are different lanuage of luv '

    love tt statement, Yup
    love to parent is like tt
    love to frens is like u know tt
    love to spouse is like u know tt tt
    love to GOd is like tt tt tt

    ultimately love come from the bottom of heart, soul, mind =]


    By Blogger kai, At 3:35 PM  

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