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Friday, March 16, 2007

Some Pot Luck music~! enjoy

Perhaps you are sick of your own music play list, I mean repetitively playing them, so here are some Pot luck music- rock, retro, some really catchy 1, just a play list w/o a theme, called it rojak if you wana. Just popped by here and minimize this page or stuff like that to listen! (or if you prefer some jap music, playlist at bottom of page,). Each song may take some time to load though, =/
Highly recommended
-separate ways by Journey
-The Hell Song by Sum 41
=] enjoy

some 1 help?, my sidebar content float all the way down to btm of page @#@$#@$#@%$#

tell me which are your favourite, yea?

Man I’m still suffering from the aftermath yesterday, whole body aching, sore feet, burnt skin, ahahha!

Take care
Kai =’
Made a yubikiri with her on any promises made =/


  • my dial up net definitely cant hear wat u recomend. hwever, rmbr i recomnd imeem to my frn whose com much sophisicated. infact we were both talking abt past songs after dwnload frm imeem.

    i hear ur recommdations frm fren com thru d phone. d hell song really nt 4me lor; separate ways i oni like d intro -

    hwever, ur recomndations reminded me the following for u to try:
    -separate ways remind me of What a feeling frm the movie Flash Dance
    -counterfeit the hell song with Heal the World by Michael Jackson and All About Love by Air Suply (wonder u heard these songs before)

    wah, i had more than an hr chat wif my fren and dwnload several more songs frm the net after ur potluck.
    If u can, try Tien Tang by Zheng Yi - dnt thik imeem got it.

    By Anonymous uncle, At 1:11 AM  

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