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Friday, March 09, 2007


OMG, such a coincidence, guess what?
Remember this Ou Shaoting girl I mentioned in my previous post (5/03/07), about how I managed to found her name on the newspaper, when she top her A’s in her school., about how I wanted to celebrate with her (when she replied ‘want to celebrate for me ah?’ (perhaps jokingly), thereafter no reply. Anyway want to make this post short; I’m going for a swim soon.

Kk, here what happen. I was jumping from blog to blog via numerous links, with Ruben’s blog as initiator then somehow, I reached Ping’s blog. I tag on Ping’s blog who apparently studied in my course and who had linked her ‘is this shaoting under your link, by the name of Ou shaoting?’

‘yup. she's my friend’, she replied

btw St’s blog had long since left untouched for 2 yrs.

I was like @______________@ ||||| such a COINCIDENCE!

2 posts within few hours
=,= x 10000000000000000000000000000

Kai =’


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