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Sunday, April 20, 2008


And so my sales broke $400 before I even broke $300 just so yesterday; but I can see my sales declining from next week onward as the promotion has ended~ @__@

The traffic was pretty high yesterday, and I’d been promoting like mad (im the only 1 seen dragging customers; the others just simply wait for customers to approach), that I had finished 2 1L bottles of water by 2030 (usually left bout 200mL). 2 bottles?

Whenever I take 2 bottles of water down from staff lounge to my ‘counter’, I can sense a lot of people starring at my 2 bottles! LOL!!! Well~

Talk bout yesterday, I was totally owned by this auntie.
She asked ‘Where you putting off?’
‘Come again?’
‘Where you putting off?’
She replied ‘putting off means where you stay?’
I replied ‘Oh another of those phrasal verbs.’
& “I live near Boon Keng area’
What comes next was ‘Putting off is a common phase nowadays.’
And I was like @___@; FINE ; and smile my way off awkwardly; obviously feeling shameful.
I ought to reply more gentlemanly like ‘Oh, I learnt something new, thanks!’ bah~

There are those random customers who keep asking me to give them free samples. They were like saying I buy more, you give me more lor, that I had to choice but to abide, haiz. Luckily I hid the stocks in some place and only present 5 samples at my ‘counter’.

Shall I consider selling other things? hMMM? I agreed in a saying regarding sales; regardless of how bad or good your promoting skills are- 1 basic thing you had to drill in is product knowledge.

Last night just got a keyboard loan from John (0% charge). Initially my sis and I wanted to buy from him, but because of some issues then didn’t. After he confirmed with my sis that she really had the interest in piano, that he lends us for free! So yesterday, he was teaching us some basic from 2300 to bout 0130 in the morning, LOL

‘Isn’t that very lu-gy to lend something that expensive?’
‘No one should be deprived from music’
In that moment I was totally in awe with him for his passion in music!

Takre care

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