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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

working life tHus far

So my sales had been surprisingly rising from initial day 1 $0 to $100++ with $200+ consistently for the past 2 days!

That day my boss questions me ‘Heard that you are leaving?’ when I presumed she heard from some other colleagues. What follow after is those cold shoulders from those higher up the ladder. Some begins indirectly asking me to stay put while others encourage me to go another job; as in I deserved better payment and stuff. I thought I joined the sales line initially is for the experience to interact, to initiate a conversation, to be bolder; and the art of ‘persuasion’. Yea sure I had gained those so-called experiences from my sales record. Mind you those sales were conducted on weekdays, and the brand I promoting is not well known either, with many established brand surrounding like Loreal, and stuffs, zzzz! I can see crowds automatically swarming Loreal counter and I had to literally pull customers myself. Well I’m not complaining, but just trying to show off the fact that I was in such a disadvantage position and still able to make sales! (20% off) =] of course the sales different from Loreal is like 200 vs 1.5k, T___T. I really don’t understand why women spending so much $$ on skin care products. I asked 1 of my colleges, she said well men like their partner to be pretty ma, and I was like @__@ hmmm….i also don’t understand why girls like the topic on ‘relationship’, so far each and every 1 lady I work with, except those in the 40s and 1 particular 1 asked me about BGF, and all seems to be in disbelief when I said I’d no experienced; perhaps making me feel better or what not, LOL, aiya life still long long for that time to come la~

I thought let this pre-NS day part time work be a form of experience then earning more cash. As in I shouldn’t prioritize $$ first. Seeing & interacting with different people every day is really interesting and tiring sometime. However those standing for hour’s days really start to bug me now.

In sales, 1 really had to put in passion to convince your customers. You had to built a rapport with them, and let them do the talking sometime, is like asking a good friend to buy something good! You had to be bubbly and sincere. You had to tolerate those rude tai-tai, a smile always help. Somehow I picture those ladies that I felt intimidated wearing Mickey mouse/Donald duck head before I approached them, lol!

Interestingly the product was targeted at teens to ladies in the 20s and 80% of my customers are in the 30s-60s. Its no wonder 1 of my colleagues jokes that ‘I will date with older woman’, and I again was like @__@. For me, it’s really easier to approach those aunties as they are more approachable then those younger ones whom seems intimidating to me for some reasons, lol; a barrier I’d to break through!

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桜 & 恋.
I still cant get over the fact that my social skills in work is far better then back in school days,, hmmm

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  • Heh, I can still recall how disheartened you were when you were trying to break zero... But I guess it's alright for you to strut your stuff and display plumage for what it's worth... It is not unusual for success to tip the nose skywards and disallow one to see his roots...

    And if I recall correctly, you didn't choose this line of work 'to be bolder' or learn 'the art of persuasion', but more out of utter desperation and exasperation... -.-lll Goodness, you've really gotten your head in the clouds now, kai-kun... lol

    And it's really natural to actually have better social skills with strangers rather than acquaintances as you would tread more carefully with strangers, and even be more open to them as it is unlikely that you'll ever see them again or that what you say or do to them will have far-reaching consequences. With acquaintances however, one will be more cautious and conservative...

    By Anonymous Roots, At 9:18 AM  

  • @roots

    O_O; yea u jux remind me of the 'out of desperation' LOL, right now i see it as 'experience-sake', ahahha

    true, on the conservative part, but only on women~

    By Blogger kai/kaispiral, At 10:01 AM  

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