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Thursday, April 03, 2008

rotton day

Even in my NPCC days, I wasn’t required to stand for 2 hrs straight but just today had been standing for 8hrs straight with 1 hour break la! So what I get is that really tiresome feet/thigh; to extend of walking back with wobbly legs. I swear I can’t even balance myself on my way back! So when I reached home I immediately laid on my back with my legs both lifted up as if to reverse the process. To make things worst, my sale for the day was at its purest form=0, yea a BIG EGG (was so darn demoralized when I report my ‘sales=egg’ via sms) and surprisingly she replied ‘:D’~ I thought I really need rest and not that chiongster kind to work on weekend (think I gonna turn down the offer of working on weekend?)

They said is common to have zero sales on your first day, moreover in wu-lulu place like Watson located at the extreme corner of vivo city and the product was newly launched there too. No Excuse though~ hopefully I’ll be located at higher traffic places next time, perhaps sales may improved?

I don’t know if they are really praising or just encouraging me when they said ‘You had potential la’ and my boss even said ‘I had high expectation from you’ and I was like @___@ ‘pls don’t’

The staffs are all pretty nice people. For some reasons I still can’t figure out why I can always interact with female staff then female classmates better, a mystery that was continued since I started working a year back~ hmm something I had to figure out~
‘I told them I am really quiet in classes’
They were like ‘You don’t look like the sought’, cux I talk a lot but sell 0 @___@

However that friendship built one day will/may just gone like that~

May the sales just rocket some day next week? May God bless =]

Takre care
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