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Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Finally grabbed my hand on YUI’s 3rd album ‘I LOVED YESTERDAY’ on the day before! Guess what? The store gramophone ordered only 2 copies of it and I was lucky enough to get it! The package comes with DVD clip of YUI’s MV and even her live performance at BUNOKAN (the grandest place 1 can perform in Japan!). Talk about money so worth spend la! The album only recycles 3 songs from her singles and the other 10 are all brand new tracks! More importantly there’s a lot of insight in lyrics penned down by YUI!

The photo shots are much better in quality as compared to her previous 2 albums! The previous 2 were rather plain and boring. The moment I opened it was like WOW!

The springy feeling of “Laugh away’ opens the album perfectly. I really like the bridge part when YUI sang ‘Never mind never mind’.

‘My generation’ was from YUI’s 9th single which talks about her dream as a singer at the age of 16. I inferred the lyric as her generation is all about schooling getting certs then a proper job but she believed her ‘own generation’ can be changed by choosing an alternative path at tender age of 16 (so mature right>). However I wasn’t really a great fan of this song; I preferred the acoustic version.

Ah, ‘Fine me’ is really something fresh! The track opens really sloppily but slowly built up when the chorus hits in. The interlude of YUI’s duo vocal during the chorus is what made me drawn to the song! This song is about lost and about desiring the love one to ‘find me’ soon~

(the 1 and only YUI’s non- English titled track) was form YUI’s 11th single. This is another of YUI’s typical acoustically-sang song. This song takes a couple of listens to really love it. there’s lots of emotion pumps in. ’In front of you I’m such a liar you know … I hope that you would realize this because I’m not in the least that strong at all’ I guess girls sometime pretend to be strong, when they want their partner to at least notice that hey ‘I not that strong after all, don’t you notice that?”

The track immediately transit to a muchx3 faster-pace song ‘Daydreamer’, which is rather sudden. Well the song really cant compared to YUI’s other faster paced song like ‘Jam’, ‘Rolling Star’, “LIFE’, ‘Merry Go round’, ‘How Crazy’. However the lyric, GOSh, beautiful! Again is about ‘change’. She don’t want to be just a daydreamer but wanting to translate those dreams into reality; ‘I want to shine more realistically'. I really like the part when YUI sang ‘I change me’, telling us only we can really change ourselves for the better! Only YUI can write something like that!

‘No way’
like ‘RUDIO’; that sound like a random short interlude which lasted 1.14. “Your tea has turned cold’ to the ‘My feeling have been damped too’. perhaps the guy had been cold to YUI that she lost that warmth and is saying ‘NO way’ this going to continued; I’d enough and sayoranna!

‘Love is all’
, a song which many without any Japanese knowledge will easily assumed it oh another of those lovey-dovey song. I checked up the lyric translation and boy! She was ‘shooting’ those paparazzi in this song! She question them ‘isn’t it troublesome to collect real things and fake ones and then labeling them a price.’ There some anguish in the song ‘Being told off everyday, I cant get anywhere.’, I guess those paparazzi had being saying bad stuffs about her. ‘Tell the person who loves to compare with words that are filled with a little more love’; she telling that straight to those paparazzi! LOL take that! There a lot of ‘dragging/straining’ of vocal at the end of each verse; I can picture YUI’s trademark ‘constipation look’ when singing this song LOL!

constipation look

Finally comes a ‘true love’ song- “I will love you’. The whole song is easy to listen, very soothing. It tells about the beginning of love, starting to understand each other more, even by just a little bit, ‘I will love you’. This song is a complete contrast of “Namidairo’, ‘Namidairo’ talks about sadness in love~ This song like ‘Namidairo’ sounds boring at first but after couples of listen, will really love it especially after understanding the lyric!

‘We will go’, yet to find the lyric translation, this song gives me the feelings of no matter how much obstacles out there, ‘we will go’ and conquered it and believed it!

‘Oh yea’
is another of those chirpy songs that made you beating to its beats! The song is about anticipating every new day, each day itself is filled with hope. We must however remember yesterday; as today cannot happen without yesterday!

‘My friend’
is another soothing song that made you sway with the melody. It talks about the dream YUI had with another friend of hers, about how he taught her a new song and even now still nostalgic. That song is perhaps another reason why she is striving towards the dream as a singer as well.

‘Love and truth’
had to be 1 of her most complicated song to date. The song introduces lots of ‘classical’ strings in it. At BUDOKAN live, YUI sang together with about 20 band members and the whole feeling was so grand la! An unrequited love? ‘Let me listen to your love song’, but the truth is he is singing to someone else. ‘I want to touch your smiling face’ but the truth is I know that there's someone you're gazing at.

The album wrapped up ‘Am I wrong’; with YUI questioning herself is it wrong to continue a meaningless relationship.

The album as whole consists lots of easy to listen tracks. However many YUI’s fan had commented sometime it’s hard to differentiate between each tracks, as some of the melody really sound alike. As for me I can’t differentiate ‘Love is all’ ‘My friend’ ‘Am I wrong’ until the chorus comes in. 'Find me' and 'I will love you', the opening sounds too similar~

takre care
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  • i felt guilty as yui's fan after seeing this post of yours.. lol..

    why quit after you are able to make so much sales? Pay is not good? yeah its definitely very hard to compete against L'Oreal which is a much famous brand

    btw.. just a suggestion for ur blog.. perhaps changing your blog's background song to manually start instead of auto start? since i believe most people play their own songs when surfing net

    By Anonymous Calvin, At 1:54 PM  

  • @calvin

    'guilty'? lol, then go buy lor, speaking of YUI, i still own u 1 YUI photo @_@

    maybe i wana try other stuffs (more like tired of standing), or maybe my agency may bring me to other form of sales like F&B

    aiya i auto it purposely 1 cux i wan ppl to hear, at least for that few secs before they paused it! doubt ppl will literally press the play button, u c (last time i even hid e playlist at btm so tt no one can easily find it and paused it,LOL)~ =]

    By Blogger kai/kaispiral, At 9:34 PM  

  • oh yea i forgot to mention bout the LIVE AT BUNDOKAN; u know YUI's nearly shed tears when she sang 'TOKYO' as the finale, so oooooooo touching, lots of peeps shed tears too, i too LOL (nearly)

    By Blogger kai/kaispiral, At 9:38 PM  

  • hmm regarding buying yui's cd.. i am afraid supporting idol is a luxury for a $0 income guy like me lol

    Ooo so you are working under an agency now? lol got any sales lobang mah? i fired my boss one mth ago liao haha.. i think part time job sales most nice one.. in terms of income.. at least also not physical labour

    By Anonymous Calvin, At 1:53 AM  

  • next wk when i submit time sheet, i'll tell him about u =]

    By Blogger kai/kaispiral, At 10:31 AM  

  • o0.. i BOUGHT HEART STATION and loving it..
    i had to agree with beyondthesea..
    Yui's album is kinda messy. i listen in track order once and wanna quit.
    then u told me this song is nice that song is nice. thus i listen individually.
    i kinda agree with beyondthesea rating as well. 2.5/5 stars.
    Utada Hikaru's arrangement of track is kinda awesome, i would say.
    well i m more of her fan so kinda bias.
    i like namidairo. my generation is nice too. i din notice it till it pops up in my random playlist.
    i still have some reservation listening to "I loved yesterday" once more.
    Don't you feel that the arrangement of track is abit chaotic? if anything, abit not organized?

    Go YUI!!

    By Anonymous zai, At 10:24 PM  

  • eH... cux i listened in random order so yea... didn't felt tt way, aiya cant compared to Hikki la! (comparing their lvl of experience/exposure in the industry =/)

    By Blogger kai/kaispiral, At 7:59 PM  

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