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Wednesday, April 23, 2008


As expected, Robinson without promotion is totally like ghost town la as compared with throng of crowd when there is 20% off promotion. Thus my streak of consecutive sales come to a halt yesterday and comes back to zero! MAN, so sad la! I only eat zero on the first 2 days~

I thought I shouldn’t be complaining on that day itself; I was seen continuously complaining “aiya, so little people and stuff’ (the others were complaining also). Perhaps if I had ‘conserved’ that energy and transit it to promoting then there might be some sales. Having said so, at many instances I can only see promoters; not a single customers, even if there is, they just browsing to pass time. Look I’m still complaining. @__@

At first, I’m fine with selling facial stuff thingy (guys, gals used it), but the company is launching makeup removal next week which I’d totally no idea about! And I really can’t imagine a guy selling that kind of thing; but think if company gonna launch make-up kits; I just said bb~ LOL! I was given choice to sell other stuffs like contact lens and F&B, but was just too lazy to go down for the product training; so see how lor~

Takre care
桜 & 恋

Thus far

I had 1 customer praising me “you are a good promoter’
I had bout 3 customers asking ‘why a little boy likes you selling girl stuffs’
I had bout 4 asking for more free samples
I had 4 other promoters who said I look like ‘17-18 & asked do you have GF’
I had some asking me ‘Why choose sales when you had better qualification’
I had 1 customer requesting I applied the gel for her, -,- (cux she was holding on to stm)
I had attend to about 18 customers now, and 90% fall on 30 and above
I had a really long talk with 1 of the promoter, but forgotten the face the next day (STM)
I had eaten 3 zero
I had . . .

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