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Friday, February 09, 2007

I cant say. . . . . .

Really thank God that my pia test didn’t screwed up as must as I thought, thank to the lenient marking style of teacher, I mean she gave 1 mark just by writing out the equation (which can be lifted from the text itself) =.= Also, she marked base on error carry forward (even if answer is wide of the mark, so long ones explain correspond to the answer.) =]

Was flipping through YUI’s songs lyric translation, when I came across ‘I cant say’ This song really identify the hearts of those guys or gals out there who cant put across their feeling for the opposite spouse.

I can’t say – Yui

You say I can’t move forward like thisBut I know this happens a lot
I’m not planning on giving upI just can’t be innocent enough to laugh with you
If only I could have said "Love me, come to me" Would I be happy? Please seeWhat a coward I am
The popular skirts on the streets are tightIf I could see your tired face, I’d calm down
Just seeing you throws meI’m pretending to be strong, I can’t be honest with you
Love me, if only I could have gone to you and said itWhat would you do? Please realiseHow selfish I am
If only I could have said "Love me, come to me" Would I be happy? I’m scared
If only I could have said "Love me, come to me" What would you do? Have you maybe
Realised the truth? You know...

Her touch in composing music is really simple yet got the bang in it!, soft yet influencial. No matter how much I repeated playing her song, i just cant get sick of it. on top of that she cute =]

That what I like about her.

btw the song playing now is 'che.r.r.y', 1 of her lastet song(only preview, not full version T_T)

folks take care


  • see that u really enjoy yui's song - began frm her movie to her music and talents and then her person.

    gave me a tot: guess most ppl begin to hv their likeness of music and songs during the adolecent years - identity ba. it is also expressed in otr forms like in the blog, appearence, attitude, belief n conduct.. nthng right or wrong; jus a part of life. some are extended and built up while otrs change with time.

    i passby a shop las wkend and overheard the song played - leslie cheung singing the cantonese version of a chinese song by chang aijia. haha, strike a conversation wif the owner n frens - we were talking the old times... o, reminded me ur blog on childhood songs...

    guess u r more class le - jap yui.

    By Anonymous uncle, At 11:09 PM  

  • O_O childhood songs, now that u mentioned, i recalled bout that post . . . i just forgot what i written .

    By Blogger kai, At 2:55 PM  

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