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Wednesday, February 28, 2007



Name : Tomoka Nishimura (Guitar, Piano & Vocals)
Date of Birth : 19/09/1986
Place of Birth : Hokkaido
Zodiac Sign : Virgo
Blood type : O
Height : 160cm

One word – cute.

Name : Miyu Nagase (Guitars & Vocals)
Date of Birth : 20/05/1988
Place of Birth : Hokkaido
Zodiac Sign :Taurus
Blood type : B
Height : 156cm

She the lead vocal I guess after witnessing her open the whole performance so many times, with powerful and unique vocal. First impression-bunny!

Name : Mizuho Saito (Drums, Vocals & Leader)
Date of Birth : 12/12/1986
Place of Birth : Hokkaido
Zodiac Sign : Sagitarius
Blood Type : A
Height : 153cm

Really fantastic ability she had- synchronize tempo of drumbeats with controlling her vocal at the same time (the fact that not everyone could do it, because when you hit the drum, your voice kind of vibrate too, she able to beat the drums with such delicate, powerful motion yet maintaining a sweet background vocal)

Name : Takayo Ookoshi (Ex-Leader, Ex-Guitar)
Date of Birth : 13/06/1985
Place of Birth : Hokkaido
Zodiac Sign : Gemini

Didn't know much about her, she gave me the feeling that she's a cool, hard-rock lady

Name: Maiko Sakae (Bass & Vocals)
Date of Birth : 24/07/1986
Place of Birth : Osaka
Zodiac Sign : Leo(same as me!)
Blood Type : O

another rabbit!bunny teeth she had,left me that impression, really cute, and sweet voice too, one of the best vocal in the band i would say.

Man I’m totally in love with this band –ZONE
Those know me, will know that once kai become fanatic about a thing, he will go dig up information about them. True enough I did, so here a little of their history .

Basically this group was introduced to the crowds with a new genre in music history, as “bandoru” or otherwise bandol ( a combination of band and idol, dance and play their own instrument)

Initially, ZONE started off with TAKAYO with seven other members in 1997,thereafter reduced to six and finally four (TAKAYO, MIYU, MIZUHO and MAIKO.) On 1999/12/18, ZONE’s indies single “Believe in Love” was released. Thereafter they quickly rose to fame, the four girls learned to play their own instruments to complement their singing and dancing. 2003, TAKAYO left the band to focus on her studies, with TOMOKO replacing her, believed to be 1 of the original 8.Maybe not gonna talk much about their specific albums etc.

Sad to say 2005 they announced their disband, once 3 of them were graduating from High School. On April 1st, 2005, the 4 members of ZONE held their final tour, the Spring Tour 2005. Sadly, it wasn’t an April Fool’s joke. At the end of the concert, ZONE said farewell to all their fans as well as the rest of the world with a very emotional “secret base ~Kimi ga Kureta Mono~”.

When I knew this fact, I was really say, and get emotional with their performance. All in all they left an important page in the history of J-POP!

Post disband
MIYU is now pursing a solo career she look hot now! far left of course!

MAKIO now lead a band call MARIA

(adapted from wiki,,

Imagine back 2000, when I was like 12 yrs of age, about the same as theirs, while me stuck home preparing for PSLE, they had already released an album, played their own instruments! Rocking the stadium, touching people’s soul with hearts-warming music. I mean what a good and extraordinary childhood they must have had. When I’m having O level, they still busy releasing album, when they made their final tour, I’m stuck with poly education! What life I had compared to theirs. Education is not about everything, engaging in other showroom to showcase one’s talent is an life-experience too! (@__@, crapping again!)

ladies and gentlemen may i present to you
Zone- Secret Base [Final Live-Subbed]
**********pls pause the playlist at bottom of page************
enjoy~(sure you will)

Take care

Btw ZONE symbolize the fact that they started as Z (last), slowly work their way up to number 1! Their albums are Z,O,N,E respectively too


  • I just don't understand why people like Japanese music other some other foreign music.. If it's the rythem, I can understand.. Blah. It's just me dude. Ahahaha.. Ever so puzzled.

    And goosh.. I still can't believe you played that water bottle of yours again.. *piang* By "looking" at all your actions, are you an attention seeker in disguise? *tsk tsk* Hahaha..

    By Blogger Ruben, At 1:53 AM  

  • i like jap music cox, i can feel the emotion they placed into the music piece(of course some eng song too, the like of michelle branch), even if i don understand the lyric, but once i found the translation, it would linger in my heart even more! i think what more is that they look much better(at least to me) then the rest. @__@

    oh yea, i wouldnt want the attention of aunties and uncles, mind you! If i wana my dream gal to notice me, i wouldnt do anything in the first place cox im passive towards this kind of thing, or i may not be myself when hanging arnd with her, there u go =\

    at times i just cant simply keep still, that y had to play arnd with things =/

    thank GOD that my bottle i bought this time is those 'hardware' one, if nt it will break like last time u guys withness =' hahahha

    By Blogger kai, At 11:45 AM  

  • lol.. i got cover my ears meh?? dun have leh


    By Blogger ah huiz, At 4:04 PM  

  • O_O , maybe i recalled wrongly, don know how u managed to tehan man... LOL

    By Blogger kai, At 9:34 AM  

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