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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Reuion dinner with charcoal!

What a reunion dinner I had like mins ago, all went well after much preparation from grandma, aunt and maid. Our steamboat is kind of retro, my aunt suggested to use the charcoal (chu stunt) instead of electric fire as the norm, it took zzzzz hours to get the food well done. To speed things out, she actually pre-heat the charcoal over the stove before using it for steamboat. O_O. instead of talking about new year stuffs, my bro actually come up with the topic of witness ghosts before, don know what fire orbs, blue orbs. He said he saw it at fort canning park, he notice the orbs, when his friend notice the atmosphere is filled with frangipane’s scent. Frangipane I always link to spooky stuffs. he even claimed he saw it at our hall! That moment my dad had Goosebumps, me too =.= ( me trying to act man at the same time, seems calm) =/ my aunt comment in hokkien saying my bro had high level of ‘Ying’ aka –ve energy, lack the ‘Yang’ energy aka +ve energy. I was like ar…..ha…. it was only when I mentioned about its NY, shouldn’t we say something else, then the conversion was change to something else.

Perhaps my English sir name is directly translated as ‘Yang’, that why I cant spot them, my sibling are all ang mo translated ‘Yeos’ =/ anyway, this kind of things, be it not scientific proven or what not, its always better to believe then not. If someone possess this ability to see the other dimension, is it a curse or bless? I don’t know, but if someone approached me and tell me they saw it and are scare, I will believe and give them more ‘Yang’ energy from within me (watch too much DRAMA!) @___@

Tomorrow, heads for collecting Hong Bao, 1 of the thing I really look forward to. =]
Stomach too full, to write @__@

Guess weekend cant really revised le for upcoming exam. . . .

Take kaire
Kai =’


  • lol i'll have to warn you about the dos and do-nots in tekong one day soon... best to know rather than staying ignorant and having something happen to ya... ;o Ying and Yang are 2 opposites of a greater whole... So perhaps I do agree quite greatly with what your aunt said... perhaps my affiliation grants me my ability as well lol As for it being a blessing or a curse... I don't know really lol People won't believe you, that's for one, so why bother saying anything out? Perhaps they do, but they refuse to believe you to placate themselves... Oh, and give me yang? rofl... I nearly tainted you with ying... Though in the end, I guess I was saved after all... XD

    By Anonymous より大きい全の半分, At 11:44 AM  

  • was referring to someone else with perhaps had more ying energy to see the other dimension

    By Blogger kai, At 10:47 AM  

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