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Friday, February 02, 2007

don fuss over some matter, pls old hag! + balance equation O-o

That was Tuesday, when I was taking bus from Bugis after had my dinner there, some controversies sought of happen. There this guy looking drunken, keep sprouting nonsense, talking to people around him, I mean shouting. There this bangadelsh guy sitting beside him, after the drunken guy asked him where he’s from. The drunken dude then point to the people around him and told him that “this lady here is nice, that guy there is good, Singapore is safe, no bomb, not like your hometown.” I was like OMG! I was expecting a bash right at his cheek, but he just smile in an awkward manner. There goes the ‘LIVE SHOW’ (man I was baddy)

Now come the main picture, after the drunken man alighted, there this woman in her late 40s in white arming with a detector scanning of possible free-rider. She immediately asked the bangadelsh man to show his ticket. Apparently he did not one, and he claimed that he had paid, but didn’t retrieved the ticket, with so many eyes starring at him, he had no choice but to give in. Thereafter the ‘old hag’ asked ‘where you alighting?’ in a belittling, disrespect tone. After his reply, she asked the man to pay 10 cent more. The man seemed reluctant after I presumed he had paid 2 ways trips, I meant 10 cent to them Is not a small sum at all. The old hag just kept reprimanding him to pay up, making a big fuss, and he just simply seemed baffled with a pinch of annoyance. Before the show reach climax, I dig my pocket and manage to ‘salvage’ a 20 cent coin, and gave it to the old hag in replacement for him (geesh, I am kinddy now!), salvaging the matter.
True enough, she doing her job, and a mere 10 cent can accumulate to 1k lost, consider if lots of people did that in a day. But this guy comes all the way from bangadelsh, cant she close 1 eyes, and be more merciful?

Feels really good, after offering a helping hand, especially he nod at me and said thanks, even though is just a mere 20 cent. I’m not saying to feel good then do good, rather do good whole-heartedly (w/o expecting the benefits), in the process you will feel good. That was how I felt. =]

Had my PIA test yesterday, was rather confidence of the paper, till I realized all the careless mistakes I had made after the paper, exactly what kinds of @$#@4 mistakes I made, nah skip the details @_@. In the past, I would kept self-reprimanding myself, blaming myself, but now I came to accept it and move on, I mean ,hey at least I know my mistakes now, rather than making it at the finale. Both of tests had been quite badly done, because of carelessness and over confidence, or simply because of the theory of balance O_O. you see if bad things keep snowballing, something really good is going to happen to balance it. I mean if someone high up is going to give you something real good, he cant gives you straight away, or less it would unbalance the equation of ‘good+ bad=neutral’, hence here comes the bad, goes the bad, then come the good. Im not saying that those receiving the good will soon be given the bad, it just that they receive so much good( due to certain reasons), that those bad seems insignificant, this case we have equation 2 ‘neutral- good2 = -bad ” but of course the reasons could be study real hard to get good results(good), bad(tired perhaps), seems unimportance. O_o. There I go Crapping again . . . .

Take life easy; enjoy the process, taste the moment of trails and cloud nine.

Take care,


  • seems like there are alot of interesting happenings in your life. Hmm and about the good + bad = neutral... too "chim" for me already. i study accounts de, is

    Bangadelsh Expense_________$0.20
    ___Kai Jie's Pocket____________ $0.20

    debit - credit = 0, or else u gonna fail your accounts

    (for the above journal entry is just Calvin joining in the crapping of Kai Jie, please ignore ^_^)

    By Anonymous CaLvIn, At 11:34 AM  

  • LOL! gt studied abit of accounting as my cds(jems)..

    thought i already fail my account since 0-debit=-credit, unless he credited me the 20 cent, then no loss O_o ?

    w8 for e 'guru' to come out from camp, and see his view!

    By Blogger kai, At 1:35 PM  

  • NonO.. "Bangadelsh Expense" and "Kai Jie's Pocket" both is debit nature. debit expense = use 20cents, credit ur pocket means minus 20cents. AHEM.. this is the principal of accounting, think is call double entry.. Lolz

    By Anonymous calvin, At 9:12 PM  

  • O_O . think i forgotten all bout accouting @_@

    By Blogger kai, At 9:15 PM  

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    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 7:28 PM  

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