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Monday, February 19, 2007

NY in town

How I’d spend my CNY?
Here go…

Early in the morning at 10 (consider late though)
Bathe, eat, chit chat
11 head down to pay respect to
Ma… and Pek

12 reach ah pa’s father dude house
That’s our first stop
Already so grand
Ang bao sure tok gong 1 la!
Wooot. . .
Its at clemeti there
So darn far laR
Traffic was good (surprise)
Down aye, lagi smooth !
Inside got 3 pretty belles sitting in a row
We shy, we play with their dogs instead of them
I mean talk to them
Just exchange frequent glance here and there.
Got 1 darn chio, but the moment she ate the fired chicken wing,
Was like ewwwwwwwwwwwwww

CNY CNY down the road

Next pit stop, was at ah’s ma’ mother
Don know what la,
So chim, to identify them,
Just say uncle auntie ah ma ah pa
Solve all probs =/
Lunch at there. Gt curry redeng!
So shiok, wooo
There always had the most cherry atmosphere
Uncle pretending to be children asking for hong bao
Auntie suggested, us to ask hong bao from ah ma,
Cox she had too many grandchildren (apparently doesn’t recalled who she had given!)
Then split the profit
Was like LOL all the way. . .
Then come all the praising
‘kai jie, go join superstar la!’
She been repeating for like past 2 yrs
Something new pls!
She is a teacher, claiming can get her class to vote for me!
CNY CNY down the road CNY CNY down the road

Head towards another ah pek house
South west of the previous (1km away)
Dad is really a good planner
Plan our route so smoothly!
There abit boring lor
We 3 (bro sis) occupy the seats,
Then 1 family went it,
Again gt 1 pretty lady,
Offer my seat and sit on floor,
She preferred to sit on the floor instead!
I was like babababa

Then precede to don know who house
Ang mo kio is the stop,
the family is blessed with a cute baby boy recently
sooo cute, but he always look stunned,
kinda scary, @__@

cut short ---- fast forward

head to dad’s sis home
there we play cards, black jet
no win no lose
bor won 12 bucks
sis lost 6 bucks
was telling him to give sis 8 buck me 2 buck
then left 2 bucks
each get 2 bucks
bucky he,
don wana of course
tt wat tt at there

CNY CNY down the road
CNY CNY down the road

Back home at 7,
Dad had some rest, sis watch tv
Me and my bro play marvel super hero!
Kena own and pawned by him
Was like zzzzzz

Dinner at house, bout 8,
Sour chilli asam prawns was so darn superd!

Our last stop- bishan
Again another so called bungalow
there most heart warming de
adults had their own gambling den (min bet=$2)
1 auntie apparently lost to much
Start to bet $1 @__@
In the end she the big winner!
children had their own too (min bet=10cent)
losta happening at there

cut short ---- fast forward

cut short ---- fast forward

back home already 2 am …zzzz by then
today still need to go somewhere

no time to study again
hope can grab some time to do so =’



  • lol sounds like you had fun, this CNY... And kai, i seriously though you were more gentlemanly than that! letting a lady sit on the floor... or maybe you look just so young that people mistake you for a young boy yet hehe =p

    By Anonymous 新年の夜明け, At 11:39 AM  

  • i didnt let her sit on floor!
    i offer my seat,

    but she would rather sit on floor

    By Blogger kai, At 2:29 PM  

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