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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

‘this is a receipt’ =.=

Finally had time to get my butt down and start updating. Was busy with papers you see, oh well.

Couples of bloppers had happen last week. I went to DBS to deposit my HONG BAO money. The queue was long, I was playing along my bottles, as in juggling it from left to right hand, for a moment there was a good momentum, until I slipped, then ‘BONK’ which echoed the surrounding (bottle was empty!). Everyone turns there eyes to stare what this childish guy was having in mind. Well, I quickly grab the bottle up, and gaze around, ‘acting innocent’, obviously I’m the culprit, with the one and only with bottle in hand =.= .

Finally my turn came for me to deposit, the machine sounded and address me to counter number 3, I never realized until a ah-ma behind me tucked my shirt, and pointed at the machine. Do think ah-ma more alert then me (later I realized, I was armed with mp3 @_@). I opened the HONG BAO and handed the counter the flashes of notes, I left it on her table. For a brisk moment **5 secs**, she stared at me and I stared at her, then she blurted ‘can I have at least your IC for identification?’, she had expected me to hand her the IC without her requesting (as in, its is a norm procedure), that was my first time LA, u see @___@ (usually poor dad did the job). I handed her the IC, after scanning it with her computer, she returned me, and thereafter grasp the money on the table.

‘how much is it?’ she asked

‘I don know, 200+++’

‘next time you must count the sum before you deposit’

‘erm..ok… sorry’

I though they had the darn freaking machine, that automatically count the money (thus I need not), but there always machine error (that why it’s a presume normal procedure). She seems frustrated and baffled by my ‘not counting money’ (perhaps thinking, hmm this guy probably know the sum, but pretend don-know thus able to double check when the sum is calculated, just in-case his counts is undershot) don know if you guys get what I meant @___@

The bloppers spree continued when I thought everything was done, and was about to leave, when she say wait and handed me a receipt, apparently I thought is some sought of form to sign, I was about grab the pen on the desk, she replied hastily and with a smile(this time)

‘this is a receipt’

By-then I was darn embarrasses, after seizing the form, I speedily left the area!

Btw, came across this song ‘Secret Base ~Kimi ga Natsu Mono, by zone (1 of the best female band in the late 90s and early 20s, sad to know that they had disbanded not long ago). This song is so darn good, their voices synchronize as 1, so soothing, yet to find the translation though. Its funny how outdated I can be, grumbled.

Time to tuck in my ‘big breakfast’ (whereas, from MAC) followed up by revision for tomorrow test.

Take care.
Kai =’ tata

Ps: lets the music finish b4 you take your leave, thx, a really fantastic song


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