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Thursday, February 15, 2007

VAlentine with frens~

Just yesterday was valentine day, spend it with some of my pals (those w/o dates of course), yeah is kind of weird, when we are surrounded with lovely dove birds, we are a flight of sparrows. On the whole, valentine spend with pals is rather a pleasant thing.

Afternoon, was spend at tampines mall, where we had lunch, arcade gamming, and 1 that leave me the deepest impression – neo-printing (the last time I had it was at sec 2 with the gal, I once like with another pair of guy and girl). At first, I was rather reluctant to enter the ‘fray’ (cox you know, bout 10 of us was squeezing inside the machine! Then someone cant recalled grabbed me in. The process of posting, laughing was really heart-warming =] wanted to post the pic, but too small la! Mega-pixel of my HP is not strong enough to capture it.

After which, we returned to campus for some remedial lesson, the valentine spree continue, when we catch the movie ‘ghost-rider’, well of course not the whole gang went, some had gone to have their date I guess. Had dinner first, when I shared about my past unrequited love( because I didn’t made any move, T_T), then WL said something really cutting ‘I don know my class guy are that weak’.
Man I was like OUCH! But she was right of course, but hey that was then, the then KJ!

Oh yea, I spotted YUI’ cd here in Singapore! Cost $19, as a supporter I ought to buy but didn’t, cox I had all her songs in the first place and was rather bankrupt. Perhaps some other day, I buy.

About the ‘ghost-rider’ movie, yea the effect is nice, but the plot is like “errrm”. Perhaps the ghost-rider rid so fast that I cant catch his ‘drift’. Luckily, Nicholas Kage is really a darn superd actor (which ultimately covers the ugly plot).

Side- track abit, 2 days ago, my psychology lesson had come to an end, after we had made our presentation (which was pretty good, except the video we made, was quite @__@). The 3 months I had spent with my group members was really an enjoyable one. It was the first time I had lead a group in project (usually I am the follower), now I had play a role of leader, arrange appointment, editing ppt slides, leading them. MAN, a darn good experience! The fact that my group is all girls other then me =.=, and mostly are from yr 1, thus I had no choice but to take up the leadership. To me an ideal group should consist of a responsive leader, a positive critic (PC), a followers. All these traits can be found in my group. Im always the one giving idea, but the follower will just agree, whereas the positive critic will challenge my views. I think a good leader should leads the followers in contributing ideas to the group, and remaining eye contact to them, that they feels that they are important, gradually they will initiate idea w/o me prompting. I cant really depict the process in words, but I guess I played a good role in leading them, (yup kai, the lion always praise himself in front of others) @_@

Oh well bout the weird photo that I had posted previously, I had removed it, posted something else instead
for those interested the pic i last posted look like ..

Take care


  • truly hapi to knw abt ur leadrship experience - esp the joy n achievement; nt only of the gd presentation but the process and being together. attribute to the gd tem mbrs, the project nature and definitely the leadership quality lo. well done!

    By Anonymous uncle, At 10:43 AM  

  • Leo ought to lead at time u c... afterall king of the jungle LOL

    By Blogger kai, At 11:45 AM  

  • u use d word cutting hor - sound very familiar somwhere n u use it liao...

    trigger my tot of an old english nursey rhyme: sticks and stones may break my bones but words will nvr hurt me. this is not true lor - i guess it meant to encurage children to pick themselves up when fall. definitely WL doesnt meant bad but the words come forth surely cut at that moment hah. words can either build up or tear dwn. there's much tearing nowdays, we got to learn to add salt in our words

    By Anonymous uncle, At 2:45 PM  

  • she meant good =]

    By Blogger kai, At 8:40 PM  

  • Hmmm... neoprints... lol oh well... Oh, and Leos tend to be brash and foolhardy too... But guess you didn't fall in that territory lol Glad to hear you've had a good valentine's day though... Guess i was wrong about it being lonely for ya =p

    By Anonymous Lone Wanderer, At 11:51 AM  

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