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Thursday, February 22, 2007

just another crapping~

Here an artist that resembled YUI, she’s Youhna. I mean both played instruments, good vocal range, young. In fact I came to knew her from YUI’s. fanblog, where they flared this particular Youhna’s fan because of he/her initiated the firing at YUI.

Its kinda childish as in a ‘fan vs fan arena’, both party bullshting here and there, while I sit down in front of my screen enjoying the cross-fire. I’m shock though, as all use ‘classy, chim ang mo’, instead of the norm of ‘cb,ccb,kp, etc’, perhaps or most likely the work of non-Singaporean!

Yes, you may be right to defend someone you loved (because she being flared), the fact that one flared back isn’t it the same action as the one initiated? This process will just continue, a vicious cycle, further add on the bitter relationship between 2 (ops, there no relationship to begin with!) As for me, I will just take it and leave it (a weakling approach, you say?) the fact that ‘…….(free for all to add in)……’

Just some usual crapping, while having some rest for more revision ahead!
oh yea change the background music to 'goodbye to you' by michelle branch, a soulful, impactful, soft yet power(same analogy used for YUI, =.=) song

so here's youhna's houki boshi
***pause playlist at bottom***



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